VT Helping PAWS: What we do

pet therapy session

Community Involvement

VTH PAWS is involved in a variety of events at Virginia Tech and in the greater Blacksburg community, including:

  • Monthly pet therapy study breaks at Virginia Tech's Squires Student Center and Newman Library, allowing students an opportunity to unwind with a furry friend.
  • Visits to Heritage Hall, The Crossings, and other local rehabilitation and assisted living centers, to provide comfort and companionship to visitors and residents.
  • Animal-assisted therapy at Virginia Tech’s Cook Counseling Center on a weekly basis, utilizing the presence of a dog to aid counseling sessions.
  • Fundraisers and promotion of the VTH PAWS animal-assisted therapy mission at the VA-MD Vet Med Open House and dog washes, Festival of the Dog in Blacksburg, and UKC agility trials.
  • The PAWS to Read children’s reading program, Virginia Tech's Gobbler Fest, Positivity Day, Human-Animal Bond Symposium, and more.

Additional Resources

For more information on animal-assisted activities and the behavioral evaluation criteria used by VT Helping PAWS, please visit: