VT Helping PAWS Officers & Teams


  • Sara Boyle, Student Administrator
  • Natalie Bale, Undergraduate Student Liason & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Leslie Lingenfelser, Event Coordinator
  • Maria-Cristina Villafranca, Outreach Coordinator
  • Dr. Virginia Kiefer Corrigan, Faculty Advisor
  • Rosie Higdon, Trainer

For more information or to get involved, contact vthelpingpaws@vt.edu and one of our administrators will respond to your inquiry.

Current Dog Teams

  • Vicki Arbuckle and Toby
  • Natalie Bale and Olivia
  • Bob Black and Betty
  • Sara Boyle and Charlie
  • Dr. Virginia Corrigan and Yogi
  • Celeste Crisman and Luke
  • Trent Davis and Moose
  • LeeAnn Ellis and Lazarus
  • Lexi Glagola and Koda
  • Teresa Grisso and Maggie
  • Jennie Hodgson and Gizmo
  • Mary Hurley and Brinkley
  • Liselle Joseph and Kai
  • Leslie Lingenfelser and Maggie
  • Tori Mellin and Trooper
  • Katie Morrison and Emmitt
  • Sandra Prater and Audrey
  • Christine Smith and Ellie
  • Linda Swanson and Blue
  • Michael Williams and Toby

Current Cat Teams

  • Aaron Dalton and Trinity
  • Lauren Doss and Bella
  • Sonali Kadam and Winston
  • Maria-Christina Villafranca and Carey