Contact VT Helping PAWS

For more information or to get involved, contact and one of our administrators will respond to your inquiry.

Scheduling VTH PAWS Events or Visits

Please send event requests to Emails to individual VTH PAWS administrators will not be processed.

  • Events are typically limited to evenings after 6:00 pm and weekends due to the availability of teams.
  • Events are typically indoors, due to the possibility of inclement weather and keeping the animals safe from harsh conditions.
  • Team visits are usually limited to one hour.
  • At this time, VTH PAWS can not visit inside dormitories on Virginia Tech main campus due to facility restrictions.
  • Please contact VTH PAWS a minimum of two weeks (preferably a month) before you would like a visit. During high volume times, VTH PAWS still may not be able to schedule your event due to a full visit schedule.
  • All groups requesting VTH PAWS visits are solely responsible for booking facilities and ensuring proper permission for teams to visit.