Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Clients,

We are interested in hearing your thoughts regarding the service you received from our hospital.

Please provide candid responses to the following questions. Answers will be summarized so as to maintain anonymity. Thank you for your time and patronage.

Sincerely, Your Veterinary Teaching Hospital Care Team

1. Approximately how far away are you from the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Blacksburg?

2. Was this your first experience with our Veterinary Teaching Hospital's services ?

3. From which division of our Veterinary Teaching Hospital did you receive services ?

4. What was the reason you sought the services of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital ?

5. If applicable, how would you rate our hospital reception staff during your visit and/or including phone communication?

Comments (optional):

6. What was your case number? (This is important and written on your discharge/take home packet.)

7. If applicable, please rate our animal technicians seen during the appointment (if applicable)... Note-please do NOT rate the senior student (usually wearing a DARK blue coat or coveralls).

Comments (optional):

8. Which clinician/veterinarian (NOT the student) provided the most recent care you received? (This is written on your packet for reference.)

9. With respect to your scheduled appointment time (or field visit), did you initially have to wait long to see your attending clinician/veterinarian ?

If "YES," please explain :

Communication is very important to us in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Our goal is for you to feel that any of your questions/concerns raised during your visit were answered. We also strive for our clinician(s) to review any instructions with you clearly.

10. With this in mind, how would you rate the COMMUNICATION skills of the attending clinician/veterinarian who treated your animal?

Comments (optional):

11. Please give an OVERALL evaluation of the attending clinician/veterinarian who treated your animal(s).

To better our serve hospital clients in the future, for an evaluation score of "3" or lower, please identify specific areas for improvement.

12. Would you recommend our Veterinary Teaching Hospital services to your friends who own animals?

13. We would appreciate it if you would please identify your age group...

14. If you have been referred by your veterinarian to other Veterinary Referral Centers before, how would you compare them to our Veterinary Teaching Hospital?

Comments (optional):

Thank you for using the Veterinary Teaching Hospital services. I hope we provided exceptional service for you and your animal(s). If you have any additional comments for me as our hospital director, please share them now.

Thank you for completing this Veterinary Teaching Hospital survey!