Small Animal Services

Small Animal Services: About Your Visit


  • Hospital visitors are not required to pick up a Virginia Tech visitor parking permit to use the VTH parking area. If you plan to visit other areas of the Virginia Tech campus, a visitor permit will be required.
  • If you are unable to find a client parking space, please pull up to the hospital entrance circular drive and visit the hospital reception desk. A receptionist will issue a parking pass for other parking areas.
  • Please see our Directions & Parking page for more information.

Patient Check-in

The following check-in procedures apply to all clients visiting our hospital.

  • All dogs and cats must be leashed, crated or carried at all times. For the safety of all hospital patients, please keep retractable leashes locked at all times.
  • Clients will be asked to sign a treatment authorization form and to verify client and patient information.
  • Clients being referred by their primary care veterinarian should present referral paperwork (letter, radiographs, lab work, and/or other necessary medical information) at check-in.

Patient Status Updates & Inquiries

Patient Status Updates

A member of your Patient Care Team will call you with a patient status update. These calls are made at the least busy times of the day, which in many cases will be after 5:00 pm. For surgical cases, you will be called after your pet has recovered from anesthesia. In many cases, your surgical Patient Care Team will be in surgery throughout the day, so please anticipate a status call later in the day.

Patient inquiry procedures and considerations

  • Inquiries should be placed with your senior veterinary student by calling the hospital at 540-231-4621.
  • Inquiries regarding your hospitalized pet are best placed between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Most Patient Care Team members are in clinical rounds in the morning and late afternoon and are unavailable except for emergency phone calls.
  • Depending on case load and scheduling, your Patient Care Team may be unavailable for patient status inquiries for periods throughout the day.
  • For emergency or general patient inquiries, we require the following information:
    • Owner’s name
    • The animal’s name as listed in the Medical Record
    • The Small Animal Hospital veterinarian and student associated with the case


All visitation arrangements must be prearranged with a member of your Patient Care Team. We understand and value the bond you have with your pet, but the stress and excitement caused by visitation may be counterproductive to sound case management, particularly in cases of ophthalmic surgery, general surgery and critical care medical cases. Your Patient Care Team will work with you to maximize your contact with your pet relative to its best health care interests.

Fees & Payment

Outpatient Services

All small animal outpatient services, including spay/neuter procedures, are to be paid in full upon discharge of the patient.

Inpatient Services

  • Clients will receive an "Estimate of Fees" for small animal services requiring an overnight stay before services are rendered.
  • All small animal inpatient services require a prepayment or deposit in the amount of half of the "Estimate of Fees" with the remaining balance due at discharge of the patient.
  • Credit for the remaining balance over the deposit amount may be granted for up to 60 days to qualified clients upon completion of a credit application and disclosure statement. Finance charges of 0.667% per month or 8% annually will accrue on all unpaid balances that have existed for 30 days or more. A 10% late penalty will be assessed on all account balances 30 days past due. The account may then be referred for collection.

Supplemental charges

Please be aware at the time of patient discharge that the Business Office many not know all the charges for which you will be responsible. Therefore, you may be billed by mail for supplemental charges after discharge.

Payment options

At this time we do not accept Care Credit. Accepted forms of payment include:

  • In-person: Cash, personal check, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
  • Online payments: eCheck, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express
    Refund requests will be reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • By phone: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Please call our Business Office at 540-231-6027 if you have questions.

Patient Discharge

Procedures and considerations

  • Discharge times and dates should be arranged directly with your Patient Care Team.
  • The client will review and sign a discharge summary with a member of their Patient Care Team. Many discharges require detailed after-care instructions and clients may have a number of questions, so proper scheduling of discharge is essential.
  • Please inform your Patient Care Team if you will be running late or need to reschedule your pet’s pick up.
  • If you have any post-discharge questions or concerns you may leave a message for your Care Team between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday by calling 540-231-4621.

Post-discharge emergencies

If you feel that you have an emergency situation with your animal after discharge, your best course of action is to:

  • Contact your primary care veterinarian for an evaluation of your pet's condition.
  • If your veterinarian feels that your animal requires an emergency appointment or would like to consult with one of our "emergency on-duty" doctors, he/she may contact the hospital 24 hours a day by calling 540-231-4621.
  • Clients using our Small Animal Community Practice service for primary care should call 540-231-4621.