Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Reproduction / Theriogenology Service

We are the Veterinary Teaching Hospital's Reproduction Service, staffed by faculty specialists who are board certified by the American College of Theriogenologists.

Mission of the Service

  • Provide high quality routine and emergency reproductive services to breeders and producers of small and large animals
  • Assist veterinarians with consultations on reproductive cases
  • Maintain a state-of-the-art reproductive laboratory and privately owned frozen semen bank

Canine Influenza Alert

Due to the recent outbreak of canine influenza A virus (H3N2 strain) in the Southeastern United States, the veterinary college's Theriogenology Service encourages owners of actively showing and performing dogs to have a discussion about H3N2 vaccination with their primary care veterinarian to determine if the vaccine is right for their dog.

Learn more: AVMA's Canine Influenza Pet Owners' Guide

Contact Us

To request our services or to learn more, call 540-231-4621 and request to speak with one of our theriogenologists.

Please let our receptionist know if your call is regarding an emergency.

Shipping Address

Theriogenology Services Laboratory
VA-MD Vet Med
245 Duck Pond Drive

Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Reproduction Service Personnel

Reproduction Service is staffed by faculty who are board certified by the American College of Theriogenologists. The service is supported by residents training in the specialty of theriogenology.

Sherrie Clark

Sherrie Clark DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACT

Dr. Clark grew up in southeast Virginia with an interest in mixed animal practice, but this changed when she attended Virginia Tech. She became more interested in agricultural animals, swine in particular. She spent almost 15 years in the Midwest and returned to Virginia Tech in 2011. She has an interest in assisting clients improve their reproductive efficiency in a variety of farm animal species.

To learn more, view Dr. Clark's faculty bio page.

Julie Cecere

Julie T. Cecere DVM, MS, Diplomate ACT

Dr. Cecere grew up in southwest Virginia training and competing event horses and most recently agility dogs. She received her DVM degree in 2009 and completed her board certification in reproduction in 2013. Her professional interests include small animal and equine reproduction.

To learn more, view Dr. Cecere's faculty bio page.