oncology team

The oncology team at the VTH offers compassionate care, improved quality of life, and hope for dogs and cats with cancer. Our oncology clinicians are experts in the latest advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and work closely with you and your veterinarian to determine the best therapeutic plan for your pet.

Our specialists are dedicated to advancing the field of oncology, both for animals and humans, through:

  • Innovative and translational research
  • Specialized consultation services
  • Advanced training of students and veterinarians

View our Cancer-related Fact Sheets for clients.

Oncology Services

Referral Appointments

  • Appointments are available for clients referred by their primary care veterinarian.
  • Referring veterinarians are asked to fax the completed VTH Medical/Laboratory Referral Form before the appointment is scheduled.
  • After receipt of the completed referral form, an oncology technician will contact the pet owner to schedule the appointment.


  • Verbal consultations are available for referring veterinarians by calling 540-231-4621.

Oncology Personnel

  • Nick Dervisis
    DVM, PhD
    Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)
    Associate Professor
  • Shawna Klahn
    Diplomate ACVIM (Oncology)
    Clinical Associate Professor
  • Brittanie Partridge
    Oncology Resident
  • Stefanie Olsen
    Oncology Technician