Dr. Tham with a patient

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital dermatology service provides specialized care for animals with skin and allergy conditions. We partner with clients and their primary care veterinarians to develop diagnostic, treatment, and management plans to return pets to optimal health.

Dermatology Services

  • Diagnosis and development of treatment plans for patients with allergies, infections, and immune-mediated diseases
  • Serum allergy and intradermal/skin tests for formulation of immunotherapy for the management of allergies
  • Skin biopsies, skin scrapings, and skin and ear cytology
  • Examination of the ear canals and ear flushing


  • Appointments are made by referral through the client's primary care veterinarian.
  • A scheduled appointment is required for evaluation of small animal patients. Large animal patient evaluation is performed in collaboration with other receiving services in the Large Animal Hospital.

Dermatology Personnel

  • Ben Tham
    DVM, Diplomate ACVD
    Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Nicole Kandzior
    Specialty Medicine Technician