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Welcome to SCVECCS

About the Club

Since its inception in 1996, the main goal of the VA-MD Vet Med Student Chapter of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (SCVECCS) has been to supplement the curriculum with educational opportunities specific to the field of veterinary emergency and critical care medicine. Initially, the club provided an avenue for students to volunteer in the veterinary teaching hospital small animal intensive care unit. While continuing to provide this opportunity, SCVECCS also offers opportunities each month to participate in rounds with clinicans who work in the ICU and each semester facilitates wet labs for hands-on student learning. The club currently consists of nearly sixty members, represented by all four classes. SCVECCS hopes to continue to offer students an opportunity to hone valuable skills in their veterinary education.

Volunteering in the ICU/SA Hospital

The small animal ICU volunteer program is the oldest activity coordinated by SCVECCS. This program offers students the opportunity to get valuable hands-on experience in the Small animal CU prior to senior year. Additionally, this program offers a formal gateway for first, second, and third year students become familiarized with the veterinary teaching hospital as a whole. For more information about volunteering in SA-ICU, check out our Small Animal ICU page.

SCVECCS Monthly Activities

The club does not host formal monthly meetings. Instead, SCVECCS offers the chance to participate in rounds with various clinicians once per month, usually on Tuesdays, who are intimately associated with the ICU. Monthly meetings are held once a month and generally fall on a Tuesday. Lecturers for various veterinary emergency and critical care topics may also be scheduled for Tuesday noon hours, with dates and locations to be announced. These lectures are an exceptional means to supplement information given later on in the veterinary curriculum. Lecture topics in the past have included ophthalmic emergencies, treatment of gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), laboratory and pocket pet emergencies, endocrine emergencies, and spinal fracture emergencies.


SCVECCS wet labs, just like the lectures, offer club members the opportunity to supplement skills learned later in the veterinary curriculum and that are deemed valuable for veterinary emergency and critical care medicine. Wet lab topics may include suture techniques, peripheral and intra-osseous catheter placement, and bandaging techniques, as well as much more. For more information, check out our Wet Labs page.

SCVECCS Fund Raisers

The yearly dues to join the club are $15.00 per member as a one time fee. SCVECCS does not generally host separate fundraisers to generate funds.

What The Officers Do

SCVECCS Officers are elected during the last meeting of second semester but do not take office until the end of the calendar year. This gives officers-elect a chance to shadow the current officers in order to "learn the ropes." Responsibilities run for a full calendar year and include: