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The Pathology Club at VA-MD Vet Med offers a variety of opportunities to students interested in non-traditional fields of veterinary medicine such as diagnostic labs, industry, government, etc. The club, in conjunction with the ACVP, has several ways in which students can gain experience in this career path including weekly histopathology rounds, weekly necropsy rounds, necropsy shadowing, and field trips. Currently, there are no dues or attendence requirements.

Tifton conference
Members attending the Tifton conference

Histopathology Rounds
Every Monday at 12:00 pm, a pathologist or pathology resident presents histopathology slides from a previous case in which they were involved. Students are allowed the opportunity to view the slide ahead of time and come into the hospital to discuss the various aspects of the case and identify specific features of the tissues presented on the slides.

Necropsy Rounds
Every Friday at 12:30 pm and 4:00 pm, gross anatomical specimens are presented from necropsy cases received at the hospital throughout the week. Cases are discussed and lesions are identified as students get the chance to observe anatomical pathology associated with various disease processes.

Necropsy Shadowing
Club members have the opportunity to sign up for weekend necropsy shifts to "shadow a pathologist" to find out more about the exciting things that happen back in the necropsy lab. The student will be called to assist in the necropsy if a specimen becomes availible. When called please show up to the necropsy room with coveralls, name tag, and boots unless otherwise specified. It is great practice for 4th year clinics and a great hands on learning experience for all years.

It is the right of the officers to revoke a member's privledges to attend necropsy shadowing if that member repeately fails to show for necropsies on assigned weekends.

Field Trips
Most semesters, the club plans a trip to expose students to different training and career opportunities in the field of veterinary pathology. In the past, we have visited Wake Forest's pathology department, regenerative medicine department, and primate facility. Our members have also attended and presented at the national annual ACVP meeting each fall and the Annual SouthEastern Veterinary Pathology Conference at the University of Georgia held each spring.