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CAC Pictures from 2012

Reptiles Lab - February 26, 2012

Lizard Snake Turtle

This joint PVPC-CAC lab provided students with information on reptile medicine and an opportunity to gain experience handling cold-blood creatures ranging from turtles to snakes.

CAC Pictures from 2011

Working Dogs Lab - October 29, 2011

Working1 Working2 Working3

Students learned how to examine and restrain working dogs by practicing handling with fellow CAC members and their pets.

CAC Pictures from 2010

Cat Lab - October 7, 2010

Cat1 Cat2 Cat3

The lab provided students the opportunity to gain more experience handling and retraining cats.

CAC Pictures from 2007

Gentle Leader Lab - April 11, 2007

Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy

Cutest Pet Contest 2007

Daisy Daisy Lilly & Bing Cheyenne Elling elling Ellie & Oliver

Clockwise from upper left: Overall Cutest "Daisy", Best Couple "Lily & Bing", Best Sense of Humor "Cheyenne", Best Exotic "Elling", Best Dressed "Ellie & Oliver"

Dr. Steve Karras

Dr. Steve Karras, D.V.M, from Cave Spring Vet Clinic spoke about interesting clinical cases and demonstrated how to correctly use an otoscope and stethoscope.

Dr. Karras Dr. Karras Dr. Karras