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Research Resources Overview

In order to make the best possible facilities and equipment available to all research efforts and maintain a productive research environment, a concept of core resource laboratories was established to pool all research resources together and to provide efficient and coordinated support for all faculty to pursue their research endeavors.

Currently, there are two types of research laboratories existing in the College:

  1. The shared resource laboratories provide specific targeted research support and essential services to all faculty. These resource labs contain much of the necessary and updated sophisticated instrumentation, as well as highly trained technical staff and faculty who can utilize the equipment to its full capability and utilization. In addition, the shared resource and service environments will provide opportunities for basic and clinical faculty to work cooperatively, develop interdisciplinary research initiatives, and form intellectual alliance.
  2. The traditional research lab is intended to accommodate a researcher's (or a group of researchers') needs for fulfilling the obligation of specific research project objectives. This type of lab is usually staffed and equipped largely by the individual principal investigator(s). However, when the project(s) is terminated, the individual lab(s) will be required to return to the College research program for reallocation.

For each resource lab there is a faculty coordinator who confers with the research investigator(s) to see how that resource lab can best serve the investigator's(') needs. All service and resource requests are individually assessed with regard to responding laboratory, service requirement, space and equipment requirements and cost elements, etc. The mechanism for the payment of services rendered is based on a "cost per unit service" recovery accounting system. Each resource lab has its own definition of "cost recovery system." Some special provisions may be initiated in particular situations. Under the direction of the Coordinator is the laboratory supervisor; the lab supervisor schedules and directs the operation of the technicians.

Please see the research laboratory profiles for information on the individual resource laboratories and the technical services available.