The Aquatic Medicine Program at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine serves as a resource and aquatic animal facility for faculty and graduate students. The program focuses on the diseases, diagnosis, pathology, immunology, parasitology and bacteriology of both vertebrate and invertebrate aquatic organisms. The laboratory is equipped to maintain a variety of freshwater and marine species, and provide a basic laboratory for investigations into these organisms. The Aquatic Medicine Laboratory also serves as a source of collaborative efforts with other institutions and agencies interested in the culture, diseases, and problems associated with aquatic organisms.

The objectives of the VA-MD Vet Med Aquatic Medicine Program are:

  1. To provide all veterinary students with an introduction to aquatic animal medicine through both lectures and laboratories in elective offerings.
  2. To provide experience and advanced training in aquatic animal medicine to post-DVM and graduate students.
  3. To provide expertise in the health evaluation and management of aquatic animal species.
  4. To develop a veterinary database for the establishment of clinical assessment values and diagnostic assays for commonly presented species.

ILAR Journal
The October 2012 issue of the ILAR Journal focuses on Zebrafish Health and Husbandry. In "Zebrafish Resources on the Internet", author Stephen A. Smith discusses the variety of websites dedicated to the use of zebrafish in research laboratory and teaching curricula.

Volume 53, No. 2,
pp 208-214