About our Research

Our research program includes both basic science to understand the molecular and biological basis for disease, as well as applied science to improve the lives of pets and people.

  • With a focus on One Health, our program brings together veterinarians, physicians, and other scientists to address public health threats affecting both people and animals.
  • Our translational research approach aims to take laboratory findings directly to clients in a clinical setting.
  • Ongoing clinical trials in our hospitals test research discoveries to develop better methods of disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Our faculty, students, staff, and research partners are committed to discovery, service, and training future researchers and veterinarians.

Signature Research Programs

Research seeking to develop novel vaccines and control strategies by examining basic mechanisms of infectious and immune-mediated diseases. Learn more

Research focused on restoring tissue structure and function following injury or disease using innovative treatments such as stem cells and platelet-rich plasma. Learn more

Research seeking to combat chronic inflammatory diseases and regulatory disorders such as arthritis, cardiovascular inflammation, diabetes, and cancer. Learn more

Research that addresses addresses the individual, social and ecological determinants of health, reflects the human-animal-environment One Health interface, promotes health equity, and builds healthy communities. Learn more

Clinical Research

Our clinical research program involves both primary research focused on advancing the treatment and diagnosis of diseases through animal clinical trials and comparative research in which spontaneous diseases in animals can be used as models of human disease.

Learn about our current clinical studies.