Staff Member of the Month

Approximately 200 staff employees work at and support the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.

Each month, a deserving staff member is recognized for his or her exemplary job performance. As part of the honor, the selected employee receives eight hours of annual leave, a personalized, front-row parking spot at the college for the month, and a certificate of recognition from Interim Dean Greg Daniel.

Individuals are peer-nominated and may only receive the recognition once per academic year. Faculty, staff, and students can nominate a staff member by sending a completed nomination form to Rebekah Woodyard.

To see winners from years prior to 2019, visit our archive of past winners.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Olivia D'Amato

March 2020

Olivia D'Amato Administrative Assistant

Olivia consistently goes above and beyond to make sure everything gets done and that no one feels unsupported, all while being an amazing, positive energy each day. She has taken on several large projects and has produced accurate and efficient results, most notably the distribution of our Tracks Magazine and the launch of our new project management software, Wrike. She is someone that if you ask for her help, you are completely confident it will get done. Even though she hasn’t been here very long, I can’t imagine our office without her.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Megan Quesenberry

February 2020

Megan Quesenberry Graphic Designer

Megan has been a tremendous help to us in sorting out our swag orders, making sure our logo is represented correctly in various ways (from flyers to signatures to squeezies!), and she has taken some wonderful photos of our faculty to support them in their unique roles at the college — and for our website. She has helped us numerous times with last-minute requests, and she is always willing to stop what she is doing to take a peek at a design or to offer some guidance. I know that she is very busy, too, and for her to stop to help others (despite being swamped herself) really shows what a team player and fabulous person she is! Her talents are extremely valuable to us as a department, and I am so thankful she is here!

Megan in an invaluable member of the Advancement team. She has become a mentor to me in all things design-related and is always happy to help everyone. I can think of no one more deserving to be recognized for their dedication, hard work, and support of the college.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Jami McQuain

January 2020

Jami McQuain Patient Coordinator
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital

Jami is our Ophthalmology and Dermatology coordinator. She goes above and beyond to take special care of her clients and their pets. She gives them detailed appointment instructions and has gone as far as to hand-draw maps for one of our older clients who did not have internet access to help them get to their appointment. She cares about the pets that come in and is a big asset to Patient Services. She even spent the night in the hospital before an ice storm to ensure that she would be available for her clients and patients the following day.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Kelsey Fuller

December 2019

Kelsey Fuller Equine Field Service Technician
Large Animal Clinic

Kelsey has been a great asset to our program since she joined as a technician several years ago. Her unflappable demeanor allows her to get through even the most hectic days with minimal drama and admirable effectiveness. She has taken on a position that often requires extra hours, quick changes in daily plans, and frequent interaction with a wide variety of personalities. Her job necessitates a wide variety of skills, including stocking and cleaning trucks and workspaces, inventory management, billing, medication dispensing, equipment maintenance, personnel management, and horse handling. She completes all these tasks with no complaints and frequently stays late to ensure Equine Field Service will be ready to run the next day.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Gary Lowery

November 2019

Gary Lowery IT Operations Manager
Information Systems

When I came to Vet Med, there were a lot of hurdles that I had jump over in terms of learning a lot things very quickly. Along the way, things got missed. Some, which impacted the IT department — and, in particular, Gary. Every time that something wasn’t right, he reached out in the most kind and professional way, and we got things done. Later, we had some departmental needs that were out of the ordinary, and Gary spent a long time brainstorming to come up with a solution for us. Ultimately, he saved me hours of work because he didn’t stop until he found the best way to solve my problem. He was patient in explaining the process to me, and he didn’t mind when I came back with questions about things he had already covered. Gary is always so positive and encouraging and never condescending when I need assistance! I am very thankful to have him as our IT Operations Manager!

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to David Sampson

October 2019

David Sampson Educational Technologies Specialist
Academic Affairs

David is always a dedicated team player and enjoys contributing to the team. He is also the College expert on Canvas. He continues to aid faculty, staff and students on the workings of this technology. We have received many glowing comments about David and his help with Canvas work. Recently, David went above and beyond his normal duties and at a moment’s notice, helped to enter many course schedules into Canvas. He also aided in quality checking not only his entries but those of others. David identified numerous conflicts in overlapping schedules and quickly brought them to our attention. Once the conflicts were identified, we were able to work for solutions for them in advance and avoided many disasters for the Fall term schedule. David continues to be a professional, dedicated team player and we are fortunate to have him on our team.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Linda Price

September 2019

Linda Price Administrative Assistant
Small Animal Clinical Sciences

Described as “patient and kind” and “amazingly supportive and encouraging” by one of her nominators, Linda wears many hats, “even delivering mail for some weeks while Pat was away!” Linda helps where help is needed and ensures that all deadlines are met, providing coverage when coworkers are on vacation.

Linda always listens, promptly responds to emails, answers tons of questions, is quick to help her coworkers, performs tasks quickly, and always adds humor to the workday. If something needs to be done, she’s the first to offer to do it--and if she doesn’t know how, she will figure it out. On top of many other duties, she covered the bulk of the work when the Small Animal admin departed in early 2019. “If it wasn’t for Linda, the Small Animal department would have been lacking in essential support for a number of months,” said one of her nominators.

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Billie Quesenberry

August 2019

Billie Quesenberry Office Assistant
Academic Affairs

Greeting everyone with a smile, Billie was illustrated by her nominator as someone who provides the utmost customer service to both prospective and current students. In having developed strategic messaging for the school’s pool of prospective students, Billie has helped provide continued engagement and been instrumental in helping create a large, diverse applicant pool.

“She always represents the college in a friendly and professional manner,” her nominator said. “Billie works in a very busy and dynamic work environment and is excellent at multitasking all while keeping a smile on her face.”

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Kelvin Mitchell

June 2019

Kelvin Mitchell Support Center Analyst
Information Technology

Reliable and patient, Kelvin was described by his nominator as an exemplary employee. “He is always available and readily answers questions,” his nominator said. “He provides good follow-up if for some reason he wasn’t present for a request or had to leave after setting up. He is pleasant to work with and tolerates my endless stream of questions and problems.”

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Dawn Bradbury

May 2019

Dawn Bradbury Administrative Assistant
Biomedical Sciences & Pathobiology

In her first year of service, Dawn has been an integral member of the admin team, learning university policy and procedures quickly, as well as asking for extra challenges. Her recommender described her as “an amazingly pleasant person to work with,” adding “she always brings a laugh and smile to the workplace. We are truly grateful for her contributions.”

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Lindsay Bartowski

April 2019

Lindsay Bartowski Veterinary Technician
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital

Approaching two years with oncology, Lindsay has been a vital part of the team ever since, constantly presenting new ideas, implementing proposed changes, and making herself available before and after her shifts. “One time,” her first nominator said, “she returned after a long day of work to help place a catheter in a long-term patient for humane euthanasia.”

Lindsay’s second nominator echoed such sentiments, detailing Lindsay’s exemplary work when filling in as an ER technician—a temporary change for which she had to make many compromises. “She has been the glue that held everything together, especially with a hectic ER schedule,” her second nominator said. “She has been very reliable and focused at all times, which helps our service run more efficiently.”

“The compassion she displays toward owners and patients is unlike anything I have ever seen before,” her first nominator said, “and the bond she forms with clients continues well beyond the passing of their pet. Lindsay rarely takes a moment for herself, always offering up her time to help students and fellow staff.”

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Emily Falls

March 2019

Emily Falls Necropsy Technician
Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital

For Emily’s nominator, Emily’s interest in the field of diagnostic pathology is evident. From asking for involvement in necropsy—a task her nominator described as “not the prettiest job in the hospital”—to enrolling in a course in veterinary forensic pathology and ultimately applying her knowledge to the betterment of occasional incoming legal cases, Emily’s contributions are not without admiration.

“Emily does an absolutely amazing job keeping the students (and the doctors and residents!) organized and safe,” her nominator said. “Her interactions with clients (be they in-house clinicians, referring veterinarians, or grieving owners) are always professional and sympathetic; she always makes sure the clay paws are done to the highest standard, and frequently goes above and beyond in ensuring that the remains of beloved pets are handled respectfully. The icing on the cake: She is wonderful to work with, kind, approachable, smart, and funny. We are truly lucky to have her!”

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Carmen Waddell

February 2019

Carmen Waddell Anesthesia Technician
Anesthesia & Pain Management

Carmen's two nominators spoke highly of her performance in the hospital over the past nearly two years.

"She is dedicated to her job and always has the patient’s best interest in mind. She also excels at working with students and making every effort to ensure that they have success, no matter what the task at hand is. She always has a pleasant attitude and is great to work with."

"I look forward to weeks when Carmen rotates through the Charge Anesthesia Technician position because I know the day will run smoothly and the patients will be induced and in the operating room on time. When a task needs to be completed quickly and there is only one opportunity to get it right Carmen is the one to ask for help."

Interim Dean Daniel presents the Staff Member of the Month award to Elizabeth Caton

January 2019

Elizabeth Caton Program Administrative Assistant
Population Health Sciences

Elizabeth's nominator wanted to highlight and recognize what a productive and positive force Elizabeth has become in the Population Health Sciences department. Since joining the department, she has shown extraordinary work ethic and a become true team player.

"Elizabeth is always willing to step in and help wherever she is needed. She is always upbeat, with a smile that brightens the day."

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