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College Boards & Committees

College Executive Board

The College Executive Board is composed of all College administrators, including the Dean, Associate Deans, Assistant Deans, Hospital Directors and Department Heads. It is the chief administrative and decisionmaking body of the College, and as such deals with matters pertaining to personnel, budgets and confidential legal and administrative issues. The Executive Board provides the strategic planning and overall direction of the goals and objectives of the College.

College Council

The College Council is composed of College administrators, Director of Development, Director of Public Relations, Director of Information Technology, and leaders of the Faculty Association, Staff Association, and graduate and professional student bodies. The College Council reviews and approves the promulgation and revision of all policies proposed by committees and boards of the College.

Department Head Board

The Department Head Board is comprised of the Dean, Assistant Dean for Administration, and the three Department Heads. It deals with academic and faculty affairs issues.

Clinical Board

The Clinical Board is composed of the Dean, Assistant Dean for Administration, Hospital Directors of the VTH and EMC and the two clinical Department Heads. It deals with issues of patient care, hospital fees, facilities, etc.

Deans’ Board

The Deans’ Board is composed of the Dean, Assistant Dean for Administration, and the Associate Deans for Academic Affairs, Research and Graduate Affairs and the Associate Dean for Maryland Campus. This board deals with programmatic issues such as budgets and personnel which cut across departments and are College-wide.

Research & Graduate Studies Board

The Research & Graduate Studies Board provides oversight and review of the College's research and graduate program priorities. It is further divided into three committees: the Research Committee, the Graduate Affairs Committee, and the Resident Committee. Membership on the Board includes elected faculty, staff and graduate students. The Board is involved in budget preparation, serves as a peer review committee for intramural grant review, awards state-funded graduate stipends, recommends appropriate policies and procedures for research and graduate studies activities, and approves graduate course proposals and graduate admissions.

Curriculum Board

The Curriculum Board provides oversight and review of the professional curriculum, recommends policy and procedural changes, and hears appeals regarding student honor code violations. The Curriculum Board is composed of elected and appointed faculty, staff and students.

Hospital Board

The Hospital Board establishes policies and procedures pertaining to hospital management and patient care and reviews budget requests. Membership consists of Hospital Section Chiefs, the directors of Extension and Continuing Education, and a staff representative.

College Relations Committee

The College Relations Committee is composed of the Dean, Assistant Dean for Administration, Director of Public Relations, Public Relations Coordinator, Director of Development, Director of Corporate Development, Director of DVM Admissions, Director of Alumni Relations, Director of Special Initiatives, and the Web Communications Manager. This committee deals with the College’s external relations and public information and development activities.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee implements admissions criteria and recommends a matriculating class to the Dean. The Committee may also propose changes to the admissions process. Membership is composed of the Director of Admissions, one faculty member from each Department, appointed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs following consultation with the Department Heads, the Admissions Coordinator (ex-officio), and the Diversity Coordinator (ex-officio).

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee monitors and implements DVM academic progression criteria; considers petitions for readmission after academic or voluntary withdrawal; may propose changes to academic standards; hears appeals from students concerning the implementation and enforcement of academic and professional standards by faculty. Membership is composed of one faculty member (DVM or equivalent)* from each Blacksburg Academic Department, appointed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs following consultation with the Department Heads.
*Rationale for “DVM or equivalent” is that by definition a profession is self-governing and professional standards, a part of the charge, should be enforced by members of the profession.

Advisory Committee on Diversity

The Advisory Committee on Diversity makes recommendations to the College Executive Board on methods to improve climate within the College and enhance recruitment of students, staff, and faculty from under-represented groups. The members are appointed by the Dean in consultation with Department Heads. The Diversity Committee also organizes and carries out the Summer Minority Internship Program each year and has oversight of the student ambassador program.

College Promotion & Tenure Committee

In Virginia, the College Promotion and Tenure (P & T) Committee is composed of a faculty member elected from each department and a member “at large” elected from the faculty as a whole. It has responsibility for the review and recommendation of faculty tenure and promotion actions to the Dean. Each department has a departmental P & T Committee, which makes recommendations to the Department Head, who forwards them along with his/her own recommendations to the College P & T Committee. The Dean reviews the committee’s recommendations and, after adding his own recommendation, submits a slate of candidates to the University P & T Committee, which is chaired by the Provost of Virginia Tech.

The promotion and tenure process at Maryland is similar. The faculty candidates recommended by the Department are reviewed by an equivalent committee of peers of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Recommendations are made to the Provost at College Park.

Scholarships & Awards Committee

The Scholarships & Awards Committee reviews scholarship and award applications from professional students and selects recipients.

Library Committee

The Library Committee acts as advisor and liaison between the College and the university library systems to provide for the information needs of the College faculty, staff, and students in books, periodicals, photocopying, and on-line information retrieval.

College Safety Committee

The College Safety Committee acts in an advisory role in fire safety, CPR training, hazardous waste removal, and rabies vaccination for faculty, staff, and students and in chemical and biological hygiene for teaching and research purposes.

University Animal Care and Use Committee

While not a College committee per se, the University Animal Care and Use Committee is closely linked to the College. CVM faculty have membership on, and provide expertise to the Committee and the University Laboratory Animal Veterinarian is a member of this College faculty. The University Laboratory Animal Veterinarian reports to the Assistant Vice Provost for Research Compliance.