Communications and Marketing

Communications & Marketing Team

  • Alison Elward
    Director of Communications and Marketing
    Phone: 540-231-7969
  • Juliet Crichton
    Communications Manager
    Phone: 540-231-6716
  • Megan Quesenberry
    Graphic Designer
    Phone: 540-231-4393
  • Julia Hurley
    Web Coordinator
    Phone: 540-231-5825

Resources for Journalists

  • Press Releases - Please visit our Press Release Archives.
  • Experts - Board certified clinical specialists, biomedical scientists, and public health faculty in the college are available to provide expert commentary and information on a number of topics and issues in animal and public health. In order for our office to provide you with the most efficient service, we ask that you first contact OPRC media relations staff prior to making contact with a faculty member. We value your interest in the college and will make every effort to respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.
  • Social media - Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • E-Newsletter - Browse and subscribe to our monthly electronic newsletter.
  • Magazine - View our biannual TRACKS magazine.

Requests from College Members

We use a job request process using the Wrike project management platform to track and respond to requests and submissions to our office from members of our college community. Please note that all requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the desired completion date. Requests that require significantly more work than average may take longer than two weeks to complete.

  • To request public website updates, please go to
  • To request graphic design or photography or to submit news, please go to A full list of potential projects that can be requested can be found on the request form.
  • To request faculty, resident, and intern bio pages on the public website, please complete the VMCVM bio page form.
  • To request updates for the college Intranet, contact IT Support.