Focus on Faculty: Martha M. Larson

Dr. Martha Larson

Martha M. Larson

Martha M. Larson is a professor of radiology in the Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences. After completing a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology from the University of Montana and in biology from the University of Georgia, she earned her doctor of veterinary medicine degree and a master’s degree from Ohio State University. She joined the college in 1986 after completing residencies in radiology and small animal medicine at The Animal Medical Center in New York City and a residency in radiology at Ohio State University. Larson is board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology.

Blacksburg, Virginia
What are your current responsibilities at the college? If you teach, what do you teach?
I am a radiologist in the teaching hospital. I also teach several lectures to the second-year and third-year students, mainly on thoracic radiology and ultrasound.
When did you come to the college, and what brought you here?
I came to Virginia Tech right after finishing my radiology residency, in 1986. I loved Blacksburg right from the start and have been here ever since. I’m definitely a Hokie now.
What interests you about your field?
I actually started out in a medicine residency, but ended up switching to radiology. I have always loved imaging and probably have the most expertise and interest in ultrasound. My brilliant radiology colleagues are much better than me in CT and MRI.
What is your area of research? Why did you decide to focus on that area?
I very much enjoy imaging of the pancreas and hepatobiliary area. I love it when an icteric cat comes in for ultrasound!
Hobbies or interests outside of the college?
One of my favorite things is Saturday morning breakfast with my husband at Bollo’s. We try never to miss that! I love my family; lots and lots of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and now a new grandson.
Do you have any pets (names, breeds)?
My geriatric pet population is now down to one 19-year-old cat. I plan on getting a new dog very soon, but don’t tell my husband…
Share one thing students may not know about you.
I started playing tennis in high school when I had a crush on a new guy who played tennis. He never asked me out, but I ended up number one singles on the women’s team.
Anything else you wish to share?
Don’t take anything I say seriously!
Martha Larson, professor of radiology, began her veterinary career in small animal medicine but found a passion for radiology before joining the college in 1986.