Information Systems Organization & Contacts


  • Kimberly Ascue
    Information Technology
    Phone: 540-231-3566

Application Development

The programmers/analysts provide ongoing support for college and hospital business applications in the following ways:

  • Provide analysis and design for new applications and initiatives.
  • Serve as a consultant on information technology needs and capabilities.
  • Provide programming support using a variety of different programming languages.
  • Matt Anderson
    Phone: 540-231-5710
  • Chris Drzal
    Web Applications Developer
    Phone: 540-231-4715

Systems Administration

Systems administrators are responsible for providing a secure and stable network environment.

  • Backups of critical data
  • Maintenance and upgrades for the hospital and college servers
  • Software upgrades
  • Assisting the IT Support Center with network-related problems
  • Assisting Application Development with client-server applications
  • Installation of new server software
  • Review and implementation of security measures on network resources
  • Richard Clutter
    Systems Administrator
    Phone: 540-231-7908
  • Jeremy Larose
    Systems Administrator
    Phone: 540-231-9741

IT Support Center

The IT Support Center provides support for your everyday IT needs.

Learn how to obtain help from the IT Support Center.

  • Brian Huddleston
    Support Technician
    Phone: 540-231-2791
  • Chris Lowe
    Support Technician
    Phone: 540-231-2791
  • Gary Lowery
    IT Operations Manager
    Phone: 540-231-2791
  • Kelvin Mitchell
    Support Technician
    Phone: 540-231-2791