EMC Advisory Council Members

   Kent Allen, DVM
Scott W. Anderson, DVM
Nancy G. Bedford
Ellen MacNeille Charles
Susie Chatfield-Taylor
Robert Cohencious
Shelley Duke, Vice Chairperson
Sarah Eck
Bertram R. Firestone
Diana J. Firestone
P. Douglas Fout
Gillian Gordon-Moore
    Michael Hillman
Cynthia H. Ingram
Joseph Keusch
Robert T. Manfuso
Bill Reightler
Donna Rogers
Lisa Rossi
Jane Siegler
Beverly R. Steinman, Chairperson
Ellie Trueman
Suzanne S. Youngkin

Council Objectives

  • To provide advice and counsel to the Center's Director and staff in order to meet the needs of the equine industry and of the constituency it serves;
  • To provide assistance in generating private support to further the operations, enhancement and expansion of the programs;
  • To assist in informing the public about the center's contributions to the equine industry in the Commonwealth and the Mid-Atlantic region; and
  • To strengthen case referrals and facilitate communication with clients and practitioners.