Giving to the Center

Your Gifts at Work

Your gifts make it possible for our faculty and staff to offer comprehensive, cutting-edge, and compassionate care to thousands of horses each year.

Gifts from donors like you help us acquire state-of-the-art equipment, provide ongoing training for our faculty and staff, and make critical upgrades to our facility. Thank you for being a partner in our progress.

Recent highlights

  • A grateful client made a gift in honor of the team who cared for her horse during its recovery from renal failure. The client's gift to the Veterinary Learning fund provides a stipend for a resident to attend a professional continuing education conference.
  • Two donors helped outfit our barns with new stall doors.
  • Architectural Doors & Hardware made an in-kind donation of a beautiful new front entry gate.
  • A client created a tribute to her friend's horse in our Memorial Garden.

Named endowments

  • Jean Ellen Shehan Professor and Director
  • Adelaide C. Riggs Chair in Internal Medicine
  • Theodora Ayer Randolph Professor of Surgery
  • Michele L. Duke Chair in Emergency and Critical Care
  • White/Henderson Endowment for Staff Support

New services made possible through private support

Clinical equipment

  • A portable exercise endoscope that can capture video of the horse's airway while it works under saddle
  • A Ligasure vessel-sealing system for use during surgery, including abdominal surgery, arthroscopy, and laparoscopy
  • A liquid nitrogen cryogenic tank for storing injured patients' stem cells for future treatments
  • UltrasoundA New Nuclear Scintigraphy Unit
  • A Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) which Stores all the Digital Images from Radiographs, MRI, Scintigraphy, and Ultrasound, and Allows Image Enhancement to Facilitate Diagnosis, Teaching, and Sharing Images on the Web or via E-mail with Referring Veterinarians and Colleagues
  • A Color-Flow Doppler Ultrasound Unit that Provides Extra Depth for Examinations of the Heart and Abdomen, with a High Frequency Ultrasound Head that Gives Exquisite Resolution for Examining Tendons and Ligaments
  • Computed Radiography
  • Gas Analyzer A Gas Analyzer which determines the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and anesthetic gas that the horse is exhaling while undergoing surgical procedures under general anesthesia. The anesthetist can adjust the machine to deliver the exact amount of anesthetic and make sure that the horse’s lungs are working properly.
  • A Hoist to Help Transfer Surgical Patients from the Operating Table to the Recovery Room, Increasing Safety for Both Horses and Personnel
  • A New Equine Sling
  • Electroacupuncture Unit
  • Large Fragment Internal Fixation System
  • An Arthroscopic Camera System which Provides Superb Pictures During Surgery with Simultaneous Digital Photos and Movies for Teaching
  • A Fluoroscope which Enables Safe and Accurate Fluoroscopy for Fracture Fixation and Vascular Surgery
  • An Endoscopic System with Video Capture that Creates Digital Images and Real-Time Video for Teaching Purposes and the Horse’s Medical Record

Capital Projects and Facility Improvements

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Isolation Unit
New Stall Doors

Isolation Unit
The Paul R. Fout Barn

Isolation Unit
New Surgical Lights

Isolation Unit
The Isolation Unit

Diagnostic Treadmill Building
The James P. Mills Diagnostic Treadmill Building

Farrier Shop
The Farrier Shop

Walk of Honor
The Memorial Garden & Walk of Honor

MRI Room
Renovations for a Specially-Designed MRI Room

Marin duPont Scott's Commemorative Room
Redecoration of Mrs. Marion duPont Scott’s Commemorative Room