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This late term pregnant mare is being treated for a pre-pubic tendon rupture.

The Equine Medical Center offers a wide range of equine reproduction services including:

  • mare fertility evaluation
  • management of twin pregnancy
  • high-risk pregnancy evaluation
  • reproductive surgery
  • management of reproductive emergencies such as dystocia

In addition to the above-mentioned services, we offer consultancy on equine reproduction problems to clients and referring veterinarians.

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Mares with fertility problems can be very frustrating to owner and veterinarian alike. We offer diagnostic testing such as:

In addition to providing these services, Dr. James Brown is available to offer advice on assisted reproductive technologies for preserving genetic material from mares, geldings, and stallions that have terminal illness.

Twin pregnancy

Twin pregnancy in the mare is undesirable for many reasons. Twin pregnancies often result in either mid-to-late term abortion or dystocia. Early recognition of twin pregnancy via transrectal ultrasound between days 14-16 post breeding allows management by manual reduction of one vesicle. This method of early twin management has been highly successful and is responsible for the very low incidence of twin pregnancies on breeding farms. In some cases, twins are not diagnosed until later in the first trimester. At this stage of pregnancy, treatment requires other surgical and non-surgical methods to reduce twins to singleton pregnancies. The Equine Medical Center offers a range of options for the management of twin pregnancy in whatever stage of pregnancy they are diagnosed.

Reproductive Surgery

Reproductive surgery is commonly performed at the Equine Medical Center. Examples of such surgeries include:

  • routine and cryptorchid castration
  • ovariectomy (normal and pathologic ovaries)
  • correction of poor perineal anatomy
  • endometrial cyst removal/ablation

In addition to laparoscopic-assisted surgery to remove retained testes, or normal and pathological ovaries, we also offer closed castration. A closed castration is where the scrotal skin incision is closed in addition to the deeper layers enveloping the removed testis. This surgery is an attractive option for owners of colts and stallions who want their horse gelded and returned to competition quickly.


We offer specialized care in the management of dystocia and other reproductive emergencies. The normal foaling process in the mare is very rapid and any problem with delivery can severely compromise both the mare and unborn foal. Prompt recognition of dystocia, early intervention by a team of veterinarians trained in reproduction, medicine, and surgery is vital to a successful outcome. At the EMC, we have board-certified veterinarians in these specialties and a hospital facility to handle dystocia cases to ensure the best possible outcome.


Scholarly research by EMC faculty members

Faculty members at the Equine Medical Center have conducted original research and published journal articles that have helped advance the study of equine reproduction. Below is a selection of their publications.

Appointments for reproduction services

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  • View the Client Care Packet (PDF) to learn more about the facilities, services, staffing, and policies at the EMC.

Faculty clinicians

The following faculty have extensive experience in performing reproductive surgeries: