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Fracture Treatment


Fluoroscopic surgery performed at the EMC is one of the ways fractures can be repaired in horses.

Horses sustain fractures during work, racing, when kicked by other horses, and sometimes they injure themselves when they’re turned out alone. The severity of these injuries varies widely.

Using a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment, experienced surgeons at the EMC can pinpoint the injury, assess the severity, and complete appropriate repair. EMC surgeons work with your veterinarian to assure safe transport to the hospital and a quick assessment. All possibilities for repair are considered, giving your horse the best chance for a successful outcome.

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Our expertise

  • Orthopedic experts at the EMC use the most up-to-date technology and equipment, such as the innovative Locking Compression Plate system, high-definition arthroscopy, external fixation systems, casts, and fluoroscopy to guide the surgery.
  • Chip fractures can often be removed or stabilized with a bone screw, while long bone fractures must be restored to weight-bearing capacity. Our surgeons are experienced in repairing both types of fractures.
  • Disrupted joint surfaces must be reconstructed accurately to prevent long-term osteoarthritis. We use fluoroscopy to align joint surfaces during the fracture repair.
  • Anesthesia is critical for relief of pain and a smooth recovery.
  • Post-operative care is paramount for fracture repair success.


When your horse suffers a fracture

  • Should your horse suffer a fracture, you may contact the EMC directly or have your vet contact us to notify us of your anticipated arrival time. Call 703-771-6800 to be connected to our specialists any time of day or night.
  • For more information, call 703-771-6800 or email
  • View the Client Care Packet (PDF) to learn more about the facilities, services, staffing, and policies at the EMC.

Faculty clinicians

The following faculty have extensive experience in stabilizing and repairing equine fractures.