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Neonatal Intensive Care Services


Veterinarians, nurses, and Foal Watch volunteers provide unmatched, around-the-clock care for critically ill neonatal foals — and their mothers — at the EMC.

The EMC has a Level 3 Intensive Care Unit (ICU), meaning that we provide advanced specialty care with life-support capabilities. We have state-of-the-art equipment to monitor vital signs, provide oxygen supplementation, and provide ventilator support.

Within their first days and weeks of life, foals (neonates) are susceptible to a variety of illnesses: birth-associated oxygen deprivation, bacterial septicemia, developmental problems, and prematurity. With appropriate care and treatment, many of these foals can survive, develop, and thrive without lasting effects. Early care of the neonate at the EMC with monitoring 24 hours a day gives the best chance of survival with fewer complications.

Our expertise

Managing and treating compromised foals requires expert care and round-the-clock monitoring. Our doctors have a wealth of combined experience in treating neonates.

  • They have taught others in the field, conducted original research, and published papers that have helped advance the field of equine neonatal intensive care.
  • They have treated thousands of critically ill foals, and can draw on their extensive experience to understand a disease’s progression and prescribe the appropriate corrective action.
  • Their success rate of 80% is as high as any veterinary hospital in the country, and it is directly attributable to their industry-leading expertise.

Our facilities

The EMC is ideally equipped to diagnose and treat life-threatening disorders in neonates with:

For more information about neonatal intensive care services

  • Most of our patients that require neonatal intensive care are referred by the family veterinarian, although clients are welcome to contact us for these care services directly. Call 703-771-6800 or email
  • The emergency checklist in our Client Care Packet is useful to review; please see In Case of Emergency and Emergency Checklist (PDF) and Client Care Packet (PDF)