Evaluation of flash glucose monitoring systems in diabetic cats


To determine the accuracy and feasibility of flash glucose monitoring systems in diabetic cats.


In diabetic humans, the FreeStyle Libre system is used to measure glucose levels over a 2-week period by placing a sensor on the skin. This makes monitoring glucose levels easier as compared to the traditional finger-prick method. We are evaluating this system in cats to see if it is an accurate and easy method for monitoring glucose levels in diabetic cats.

This study is funded by a grant from the Winn Feline Foundation.


  • Newly and previously diagnosed diabetic cats


  • Cats with illness that requires hospitalization
  • Cats that are too fractious to handle

Study Design

At the initial enrollment appointment, a small area of fur will be shaved and a glucose sensor will be placed on the back of your cat. In addition, blood samples will be taken from your cat to evaluate glucose levels. In a week, you will need to perform a glucose curve on your cat over an 8-12 hour period at home and record the levels in a book. Instructions will be provided to you. After two weeks, your cat will return to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for more glucose level testing and sensor removal.


Costs of the FreeStyle Libre reader and sensor, AlphaTRAK, and blood glucose level testing will be covered by the study. All study-related appointments are free. There are no additional costs to the owner associated with this study.


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