VA-MD Vet Med Colors & Fonts

The Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine is classified as a "sub-brand" of the Virginia Tech brand.

In order to maintain a consistent college brand identity, we have our own official set of colors and fonts that are associated with our brand.

Keep in mind that the rules for proper logo use supercede these color guidelines. Altering the colors or fonts within the college logo is not allowed.



Screen (Web, Video, Slideshow): #7A232E / RGB (122, 35, 46)
Print: Pantone 188C


Screen (Web, Video, Slideshow): #999 / RGB (153, 153, 153)
Print: CMYK (0, 0, 0, 50%)


We use the three fonts below for specific purposes, following the same typography and font guidelines found in the Virginia Tech Brand Center.

Download the font files.

Acherus Grotesque:

Acherus Grotesque is the primary type family for the college brand. It has 14 styles and is based on geometric forms. Acherus Grotesque should be used in most cases for headlines, sub-headlines, quotes, and callouts.

Crimson Text:

Crimson Text is reserved primarily for body copy and where the most formal mood needs to be expressed. The full Crimson Text family contains five weights and two widths.

Gineso Condensed:

Gineso Condensed can have multiple uses within the brand. These condensed forms look great on their own or when any of Gineso’s seven different weights and matching italics are combined with other typefaces.