VA-MD Vet Med Colors & Fonts

In order to maintain a consistent college brand identity, we have an official set of colors and fonts that are associated with our brand.

Keep in mind that the rules for proper logo use supercede these color guidelines. Altering the colors or fonts within the college logo is not allowed.



Screen (Web, Video, Slideshow): #7A232E / RGB (122, 35, 46)
Print: Pantone 188C


Screen (Web, Video, Slideshow): #999 / RGB (153, 153, 153)
Print: CMYK (0, 0, 0, 50%)


We use the three fonts below for specific purposes, and we follow the same typography and font guidelines found in Virginia Tech’s University Branding Guide.

Lato font sample

Lato is the primary font used for both header and body text on the college homepage. It is also used in print design materials.

Arvo sample

Arvo is a display font used as a secondary font for some headers and highlighted text on the college homepage. It is not well suited for general body text, but it works well for headlines and display elements like block quotes.

Tanek sample

Tanek is the primary font used in the college logo. It is not recommended for general use.

A note about handwriting fonts

Fonts that simulate handwritten texts, such as Comic Sans and Chalkboard, should not be used.