Office of Academic Affairs Contact Information

Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides assistance to faculty, staff, and DVM students in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, enrollment, financial aid, graduation, orientation, scholarships and awards, grade changes, class notes, textbook orders, student records, room/meeting scheduling, and student insurance. Academic Affairs also supports visiting senior students during their time at VA-MD Vet Med.

Office Contact information

Phone: 540-231-4090 or 540-231-3924
Fax: 540-231-9290
Mail Code: 0442
  • Dr. Jennifer Hodgson
    Associate Dean of Professional Programs
  • Dr. Jacquelyn Pelzer
    Director of Admissions & Student Services
  • Shane Ryan
    Director of Assessment
  • Angela Webb
    Academic Programs and Event Coordinator/Office Manager
  • Jennifer Rudisill
    Office Assistant
  • Carli Dotson
    First Teaching Time Specialist (first and second year)
  • Kathy Farley
    Second Teaching Time Specialist (third year)
    Phone: 540-231-7881
  • Billie Quesenberry
    Clinical Support Specialist (clinical teaching team)
  • David Sampson
    Educational Technologies Specialist

DVM Admissions

  • Dr. Jacquelyn Pelzer
    Director of Admissions & Student Services
    Phone: 540-231-7018
    Fax: 540-231-9290
  • Shelby Jenkins
    Admissions Coordinator
    Phone: 540-231-4699
    Fax: 540-231-9290

Multidiscipline Laboratories (MDL)


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