Our Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

To protect and enhance animal, human, and environmental health and welfare through:

  • The education of a diverse population of professional and post-graduate students in preparation for careers in the broad areas of veterinary medicine, biomedical sciences, and public health;
  • The creation, dissemination and application of new medical knowledge via discovery, publication, education, and engagement;
  • Provision of excellent and compassionate clinical service to animal owners and producers in Virginia and Maryland.

Our Values

  • We recognize that education is at the core of our mission. We will provide the best possible environment for the intellectual development and professional training of our students.
  • We are responsible to our clients and our patients. We recognize the powerful emotional foundations of the human/animal bond. We offer our diagnostic and therapeutic services within a compassionate environment, which respects the dignity of all beings.
  • We respect the capabilities and the contributions of veterinarians practicing through the rural and urban communities we serve. We view our Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a resource to their practices and honor the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity throughout the referral process.
  • We recognize that our human resources are our greatest strength. We strive to foster an organizational culture that promotes personal and professional development by recognizing and rewarding contributions and achievements.
  • We recognize our responsibility to work closely with agricultural producers to ensure the abundance, quality, and safety of our food supply.
  • We recognize our responsibility to promote public health by protecting people from zoonotic diseases, and controlling toxic threats to the environment.
  • We seek to relieve suffering and promote the well-being of both people and animals through the responsible conduct of clinical and biomedical research.
  • We recognize our growing relationships with business and government and strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships with those who share our goals.
  • We recognize that we are an organization that operates with public funds to serve the public good and are prudent and responsible stewards of our human, fiscal, and natural resources.
  • We will adhere to the principles of trust, respect, and courtesy in all things.