College Boards and Committees

Major college boards and committees include the following:

  • Executive Board
  • Operations Board
  • Faculty Association Executive Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Graduate Affairs Committee
  • DVM Curriculum Committee
  • DVM Admissions Committee
  • Academic Standards Committee
  • Community and Diversity Committee
  • Scholarship and Awards Committee
  • Library and Instructional Technology Committee
  • College Safety Committee
  • College Promotion and Tenure Committee
  • Honorifics Committee
  • Staff Association Executive Committee

Depending on the committee, faculty members are elected or appointed. Student members and alternate members are elected by the students of each class to serve on the DVM Curriculum Committee. Committee reports are presented at college faculty meetings.

When necessary, ad hoc committees, task forces, and working groups are appointed to address important issues that go beyond the normal charges of standing committees. For example, an ad hoc Curriculum Review Working Group was appointed to conduct a comprehensive review and develop a proposal for potential revision of the DVM curriculum.