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Nutrition Consultation Service

The VTH Nutrition Consultation Service is a veterinary nutrition service in the Mid-Atlantic region staffed by faculty who are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. The mission of the service is to:

  • Provide high-quality consultation to veterinarians on the nutritional management of healthy or sick small and large animal patients.
  • Assist primary care faculty with nutritional support of patients in the teaching hospital.

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Nutrition Consult Requests & Forms

Feline nutritionTo submit a nutrition consult request:

  • The veterinarian and client need to complete their respective forms.
  • Forms may be submitted to our service by email, fax, or mail.
  • We will not process a consult request until both forms have been received for each case. Omission of requested information will delay recommendation turn-around and may alter the validity of the recommendations.

Form Instructions

You will need an up-to-date PDF reader to view these forms, such as Adobe Reader or Apple's Preview (included with all copies of Mac OS). You can download Adobe Reader for free.

  1. Save the desired form to your computer. You can do this by right-clicking and choosing "Save link as…" (or your browser's equivalent option) or by opening the form in your browser and using the "Save" option in your PDF plugin.
  2. Open the form from your computer in your PDF viewer of choice.
  3. Fill out the form and save your changes.
  4. Email the saved form to If you prefer, you can print out the form and fax it to 540-231-6448.

Nutrition Services

Canine nutrition

Balanced nutrition is the cornerstone of maintaining health and prolonging the longevity of small and large animals.The Clinical Nutrition Consultation Service works together with both the referring veterinarians and the primary care faculty within the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to provide optimum nutrition for healthy and sick patients.

The Clinical Nutrition Consultation Service is available to provide the following services for healthy and ill patients:

  • Small Animal Patients
    • Commercial diet recommendation
    • Weight reduction and weight maintenance plans
    • Homemade diet recipe formulation
    • Assisted feeding for critical patients
  • Large Animal Patients
    • Farm visits and on-farm consultations
    • Forage analysis
    • Balanced ration formulation for individual or herd
    • Assisted feeding for critical patients

Nutrition Resources

Equine nutrition

Nutrition Consultation Service Personnel

The Nutrition Consultation Service is staffed by faculty who are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, which recognizes clinical expertise in nutrition. Periodically the service is supported by residents training in the specialty of clinical nutrition.

Karen Whitt, LVT, Clinical Nutrition Technician
Megan Shepherd, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVN
William S. Swecker, Jr., DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVN