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Large Animal Referrals
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Referrals & Consultations

Large Animal Hospital Referrals

Referral services are available to all veterinary practitioners. The procedures are as follows:

  1. The referring veterinarian calls the hospital to discuss the case with the appropriate clinician.
  2. The referring veterinarian completes the referral form and sends the form to the hospital.
  3. Hospital clinicians communicate with the referring veterinarian or the client during the patient's treatment or hospitalization.
  4. The referring veterinarian will receive a letter upon discharge of the patient.

Because the Large Animal Hospital is staffed by faculty who have teaching, research, and administrative responsibilites, referrals will be made with the clinician on duty, unless otherwise directed by a specific clinician. This is true even if you have spoken with the clinician directly on the phone and he/she has recommended that the case be referred to the hospital.

Field Service On-farm Consultations

Consultations are provided to veterinarians outside the 35-mile radius service area.

If the referring veterinarian would like a farm visit, call Equine Field Services or Food Animal Field Services.

Please indicate that you are a veterinarian and need to speak with a clinician about a farm visit. You will be connected with a clinician or a clinician will return your call.