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Dermatology The Dermatology Service functions as part of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Each of our patients is evaluated by a team comprised of a dermatology technician, veterinary students, and a faculty member.

Our goal is to help clients and their primary care veterinarians understand what is causing the animalís skin or ear problems, and to develop the most suitable plan for management.

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Dermatology Services

Our services include:

  • DermatologyDiagnosis and development of treatment plans for patients with skin and ear problems
  • Skin biopsies, skin scrapings, and skin and ear cytology
  • Video-otoscopic examination of the ear canals and ear flushing

Evaluations of small animal (dogs and cats) patients are made by appointment.

Evaluations of large animals are performed in collaboration with other receiving services in the Large Animal Hospital.

Dermatology Personnel

Sandra Diaz, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVD
Nicky Kandzior, LVT
Jess Douthat