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If you would like to submit a memorial for an animal who has been honored through a donation to the Veterinary Memorial Fund, or if you have questions about the fund, please contact Mindy Quigley at or 540-231-1363.

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Buttercup 12/7/2003 - 5/30/2015

“We met Buttercup in February, 2004 and knew her name even before we saw her, especially being a Yellow Lab. She came into our lives just two months before our oldest grandchild was born so needless to say, they grew up together. Buttercup never met a stranger. She greeted everyone with that typical Lab tail wag and smile. Scratch her backside and you had a friend for life. She and I walked many a mile together keeping each other in shape. Buttercup seemed to always have some reason to visit the vet but she loved the attention. She will be missed, and we're thankful for the awesome love and care she received at Maple Shade Animal Hospital.”

Canyon Levi

Canyon Levi 12/28/2001 - 5/18/2015

“It was an honor to receive the letter about the donation made in honor of Canyon Levi by our vet to the Veterinary Memorial Fund. Canyon left this world on 5/18/2015 at 13½ years, and has left a gaping hole in our lives since then. He enjoyed a love-filled and exciting life, and he provided so much love, loyalty, and compassion to everyone he met. Anyone who petted him became his friend instantly, and he touched the lives of every person he met. It was impossible not to fall in love with him. He traveled many places with us, but his favorite place was the BEACH! He had his quirks such as being terrified of thunderstorms, but the ocean did not intimidate him for one second. He would jump right in and lay down in the waves. We were so lucky to have had this boy enter our lives and make these past 13 years unforgettable. We all miss you. I love you my best friend, my guardian, my angel!”


Cassie O'Reilly

"Cassie was a wonderful best friend. She loved to go for walks, ride in the car, and spend time with her family. She brought a smile to the faces of everyone she met. Cassie had the best disposition and was very loving. We all miss her very much."


Cate 2001 - 3/6/2015

“I had the honor of having Cate in my life for the past nine years, but I knew her from the time she was a puppy. She originally belonged to my best friend, Dr. Lisa Tedora, who was an alumnus of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. When Lisa passed away all too soon from melanoma, she left Cate to me.

“Cate was an exceptionally smart and loyal dog who went through quite a number of changes in her life and accepted them with grace and dignity. She was funny, loving, and playful, and in her younger years participated in agility competitions. She even became a pseudo-Mom to a kitten I adopted, and that cat always thought of her as his mother. She loved walks in the woods, riding in cars and, of course, treats above all. She was a joy to be around and my life is a little lonelier without her around, but the memories remain.”



“I just wanted to express my deep gratefulness for the work you do. I hope that the donation made by my vet, Dr. Stephanie Shane, will assist in this endeavor.

“Cricket would have been 16 in April and was a rescue from MAESSR. I was her ‘forever’ home. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a recent photo taken of her. Thank you again – this gesture truly warmed my heart and helps in the loss.”


The Duke of Rasmont 10/28/2004 - 10/20/2011

“Duke never missed a night under the stars. He let me know when he was ready to come in: A good yoga stretch, a knock, a soft bark. I always told him, ‘Let me know when you're ready’ - He did. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide for so many of God's creatures.”


Duncan 8/6/2006 - 4/21/2015

“I wish to thank Dr. John and his wonderful crew from Animal Medical Center of Warrenton for this special gift in memory/honor of my Scottie, Duncan-MacGregor. Your assistance, along with that of the ER vets, helped us figure out what happened to make Duncan suddenly ill…

“Duncan was a dog that loved his sister, Maggie, and his owner, me. He enjoyed food, walks, and racing in the yearly Virginia Highland Games. He will be dearly missed.”


Belle “Fenwick” 6/2/1999 - 4/7/2015

“Thanks Fenwick –

“Thank you for letting me experience the sunrise and the sunset; Thank you for letting me hear the first leaves of Fall crunch under my feet; Thank you for letting me see the moon and stars twinkle; Thank you for letting me have the first footprints in the new fallen snow; Thank you for making me smile when you skip as you walk; Thank you for letting me see the first buds of Spring and the flowers rebirth; Thank you for letting me smell the new mowed grass; Thank you for letting me lounge in the renewing sunshine; Thank you for letting me see the dolphins and the feel the warm breeze on my face; Thank you for the smile you bring to me as you run to greet me; Thank you for your protection; Thank you for your comfort during sleep; Thank you for your unconditional love.

“I will miss you precious girl.

“Many thanks to Biscuit Break Pet Services for their support and love to me and Fenwick.”



“Grover was only with us for 3 1/2 years, but his loss left a huge dent in our lives. We will forever remember our silly little boy. Thank you to the doctors and students who made him comfortable in his last days. The care he received was outstanding. The respect and information given to us greatly helped us make the very hard decision that we had to make. We also want to thank Dr. Richard Wright at Riner Animal Hospital for making the arrangements to bring Grover to the hospital. Thank you for letting him leave us in such a meaningful and dignified way.”



“We first spied Homer as a thin stray slinking across our yard on a cold day in November 1995. It took nearly a year for him to move from his residence outdoors—at first under our porch and later in our garage—to his life indoors. He slowly became acquainted with our resident Maine Coon cats, Tigger and MacGyver, and eventually they were all best friends sleeping on the bed together. Homer loved his indoor life and enjoyed watching birds at the feeder outside the kitchen window. In his last year, he was totally blind, but adapted to our house by memory and touch. Amazing to see such a positive spirit even if his whiskers were a little worn! He died after 18 long happy years of life.”


Kitty 1/16/2004 — 5/27/2015

“Kitty was an 11 1/2 year old English Mastiff who we received five years ago from a family friend. Kitty then became the sister of Otis and Bugsy, who were also English Mastiffs.

“Kitty loved to roll on her back and scratch around in the grass or carpet. She loved to be outside on her deck watching the neighborhood. She was a very vocal dog. She would bark once when she wanted inside. She would whimper when she wanted a treat and she would dance when it was dinnertime. When she was sleeping, her snores could be heard anywhere in the house. Even though we received her later in her life, she was definitely loved and is greatly missed.”



“Lance was our free spirited, full of life ‘puppy’ for the 12+ years he lived on this earth. He was always ready to play at the drop of a hat, ball, sock, etc. Lance’s face remained youthful even though he had started getting the characteristic gray markings that older dogs show as they age gracefully. Up until the end, people who didn’t know Lance would come up and remark, ‘Hi, puppy,’ or ‘That’s a nice puppy you have.’ Knowing that Lance was over 12 years old, I would always just smile and chuckle to myself.

“Lance was the light, fuel and source of energy that ran the Sutton household. We miss him dearly.”



“Lucky came to us in 2009 after he lost his pasturemate and needed a new home. A vocal and happy little guy, he was the smartest equine I ever knew, he loved people, and would always talk to us when he saw us. He brought us many hours of joy, and we miss his nickers and whinnies! Thank you, Damascus Equine, and Dr. Michael Erskine, for your excellent care and the gift in Lucky’s name.”


Magnum 6/12/2004 — 5/22/2015

“Magnum came to our family in 2007. We rescued him from a friend who was taking him to the Humane Society. We were blessed by taking Magnum in. He was one of the best dogs we've ever had the honor of having as a part of our family. He was like a puppy, with lots of kisses—happy, playful and so full of life from the day we met until the day he passed. When he became ill, his vet and I did everything to help him. When I finally had to make that heartbreaking decision to put him to rest, I cried for days. I will always and forever love and miss my Magnum. Hugs and kisses my sweet, loving and devoted Mag.”

Maxwell Braveheart


“Maxwell Braveheart (Max) was a wonderfully contradictory fellow. He could be fierce in protecting every treat he received, going so far as to use his muzzle to push cat fur from the stair treads onto a rawhide chew, if no better cover was available, and standing guard over it for hours, growling. However, he could be just as sensitive and loving as he was fierce. Once, when one of us was suffering from back trouble and had to sit up all night in the den, he left the bed and bedfellow he always slept with, made his way downstairs, and kept a companionable vigil all night. Our whole family mourns our little Maxie.”



“I rubbed our Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Mo, with a towel at his birth, and held him close as he left to cross the rainbow bridge. Mo completed his AKC champion title at age two under Judge Lester Mapes. Mo brought joy, companionship, and devotion to my family and my other Corgis during his lifetime as a family member in my home — forever in our hearts.”

Muffin Adorable Sunshine

Muffin Adorable Sunshine 4/2004 - 6/12/2015

“Muffin Adorable Sunshine, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, entered our life in April 2004. She was a loyal, playful dog who loved just being with us. She always knew whenever we were going out in the car and would position herself in front of the interior garage door, pleading with us to take her along. Whenever we would return home she could be counted on to be waiting at the door.

“She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in August 2013. Although dealing with this disease, she remained a playful, loving companion. Sadly, the disease caught up with her and we lost her on June 12, 2015 leaving a void in our life.”



“Olivia was adopted into our family the summer of 2009 at the age of 6 months. I went to BARCS in search of a kitten who would be a good sibling for my other fur-baby, Adventure. When I saw her sweet face I knew she was the one. She was a little shy and skittish at first, but after some loving she knew she was a part of the family. She would crawl into your lap if you were sitting on the couch or lying in bed and she would just purr her little heart out. The end was hard… When we found out her condition would not improve, we were crushed but knew that in her last days she was well cared for and was loved until the very end. She was a part of our family for six wonderful years and will always live on in our hearts.”



“I would like to thank Dr. Bollenbeck and the staff at Towne Animal Clinic for donating in honor of my sweet boy Oz.

“I met Ozzie at an adoption event and became his forever family when he was eight years old. I had to let him go this year when he was almost fourteen years old. He was the sweetest, gentlest, funniest boy and I will miss him forever.

“Thank you to the Vet School for all the work you do and will continue to do to give our pets full and happy lives.”



“Peanut was found as a stray kitten outside my office building and was brought into our lunch room. The first time I saw that darling little guy I yelled out, "I'll adopt him." He was the sweetest animal and would lick my face and sleep in bed with me every night. He loved being petted and always had to sit next to me. He was eighteen years old when he passed and I miss that little guy so much. The donation in his honor was made by Falls Church Animal Hospital, and I appreciate that honor from them.”



“I realized how important contributing to the Veterinary Memorial Fund was when it was my own horse, Paddy, who was admitted to the Equine Medical Center in Leesburg, Va. Paddy was there in 2000 and again in 2001, and received excellent care both times from his surgeons, nurses, medical and administrative staff. We only lost Paddy last year at 24 years and I am certain he lived a full and healthy life due to the expertise of the teams at the EMC. It is a great comfort to me to remember him through the Veterinary Memorial Fund.”



“Thank you to Countryside Vet Clinic for making this donation in honor of our sweet Phoebe. We picked up Phoebe by chance at the SPCA in Richmond, VA when our oldest, Emily, was 4. She was the first for Emily, who is now 19. Phoebe definitely was her kitty, but loved everyone in the family. Although she may have had a thing for my husband early on! ;) Phoebe was an indoor/outdoor kitty and loved the heat. We would catch her outside in the sun in the summer, but once the cold weather arrived, she was an inside kitty for sure.

“Phoebe was pretty active for a long time, keeping our home clear of rodents (and unfortunately a bunny or bird, everyone once in a while) and always standing guard… She even enjoyed going on a walk with the dog, and moaning at us when we went too far. We truly will miss her and I know our dog, Buster, misses her too. Phoebe was popular with the cats in the neighborhood, and was incredibly fit. We would often catch her practicing climbing trees and throwing mulch up in the air & batting it away. The vet was always shocked at her age compared to her health — she was one healthy kitty. We still expect to see her around the house meowing to be let outside or just get a little attention.”



“Reggie was found in the barn of a friend of my daughter. We adopted him as my wonderful birthday present. Even as a kitten one could see that he was going to be a big guy (18 pounds). He lived a full life with his four brothers and sisters. When his time came at only nine years old, it was extremely heartbreaking. Reggie was my special pal and I will remember and love him forever.”

Richard the Lion-Heart

Richard “The Lion-Heart” 6/4/2001 - 3/22/2011

Remembered through a gift to the Veterinary Memorial Fund.



“Rosie was the most beatific dog; nothing ever disturbed her serene outlook on life. We found her limping down Patrick Henry Highway wearing a hunter’s tracking collar. Her owner didn’t especially want Rosie back, just her collar (‘Cost me $100!’), and so she stayed to live at our farm. Unlike many hounds who started life as hunting dogs, Rosie never roamed far but was content to patrol ‘her’ nearby valley for rabbits when she wasn’t camped out on the bench in the kitchen. She lived a good, long life until cancer and other maladies took her away from us. We will always miss her loving, indomitable spirit. Many thanks to Dr. Al Henry and Peaks View Animal Hospital in Lynchburg for Rosie’s extraordinary care.”



“Roxy was a cute little pound puppy we rescued. She was the most obedient, sweetest, and most loyal dog we've ever had. She was awesome at Frisbee catching and would play until she was so exhausted, we'd have to MAKE her rest. I miss her faithful tail thumping and how she smiled in response to talking to her no matter what...

“Dr.Gibson and the staff at Compassion Animal Hospital helped us keep her mobile and comfortable until she went peacefully over the bridge on St. Patrick's Day this year. We miss her immensely!”


Sadie Hopkins Kent 8/22/1995 - 2/18/2013

“Miss Sadie came into my life at a very young age. She was definitely a KEEPER! She took part in everything I did from celebrating holidays, visiting family and friends and taking plane trips. She loved her toys and being in the area of the front door to get her daily dose of sun. She was the best companion. She never complained and was always happy to be part of the action. Miss Sadie was a strong and sturdy little dog until the cancer took her life. She will always be in my heart. I love and miss her so very much. She was a beautiful little dog with a very BIG attitude.”


Speaker 6/15/1998 - 6/12015

“Speaker the cat, a.k.a. Speaker of the House, was a loving pet, faithful companion—more like a dog than a cat in many ways—longest-lived pet, and best and most memorable cat I have ever been privileged to know. Special thanks are due to Doctors Ann and David Gardner and the people of the Maple Lane Veterinary Clinic in Weyers Cave for the care, love, and concern that they showed - always, and especially during Speaker's final struggles - and for their contribution in Speaker's memory.”


Tabitha Dixie Allen 6/23/2000 - 3/10/2012

“Tabitha was born in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. We took Tabby home on a beautiful day in August. She was the most loveable dobbie we've ever known. She was a good protector and fearless when she came up against all kinds of wildlife. Unfortunately, cancer took her. As we put on her tombstone, their paws touch our hearts. We will always love her as the family member she had become.”


Teela & Gracie Spot

“Teela had the sweetest disposition of any dog, especially a Border Collie! She loved her people, and she loved to watch the cows whenever she came back to Virginia. We are forever grateful for the work VT did to help her after a cow broke both bones in her lower leg. She lived many years after her injury and still enjoyed running, chasing balls, and herding cats.Teela has left us with a hole in our hearts, missing her sweet smiling face and her ever-present companionship.

“We also honor her friend Gracie Spot, who was born the same day and died two weeks earlier. Gracie was a delight to her family, an adorable Jack Russell with energy to spare and a sweet nature. Both deserved to be called ‘A Good Dog,’ and we will always miss them.”


Tyler 11/21/2005 - 6/5/2015

“We sincerely thank Maple Shade Animal Hospital for their donation in memory of Tyler – our Big Baby Boy. Tyler was the biggest puppy in the litter and was known as the ‘mama’s boy’ since he only wanted his mother and wanted nothing at all to do with his brothers and sisters. We quickly learned that he had an old soul. He didn’t care for toys much and he only liked to play on his own terms. He never missed a meal and grew to be almost 260 pounds, which made him extremely intimidating to people and other animals! But, at home, he was a big teddy bear that loved to snuggle and give hugs and kisses. He especially loved to get his ears rubbed and would moan loudly when you were doing it correctly.

“He loved to travel to far off places and during his life and visited OH, WI, SC, NC, IN, PA, and IL. But, he ALWAYS liked returning back to his home (and his own bed – which he shared with his mom and dad)!”

“Because death is the only thing that could have ever kept him from you.” ― Ally Carter, Out of Sight, Out of Time

Wild Whiskers

“Wild” Whiskers

“‘Wild’ Whiskers (as our vet dubbed her, due to how she would express her disinterest in being poked and prodded on her visits) was adopted from PetsMart and a member of our family for almost 18 years. She was a beautiful cat, petite but definitely the furry boss of our house. Even the dogs wouldn't mess with Wild Whiskers.”


Willie 7/1/1998 - 5/16/2011

“It meant so much to receive your letter about the donations made to the Veterinary Memorial Fund by my colleagues in memory of Willie, the best friend and companion a person could ever ask for. I was so lucky to have been his owner for almost 13 years. I hope other animals will benefit from the clinical treatments developed through the research made possible by this fund.”


Ziggy 9/2000 - 4/27/2015

“My husband and I were so touched when we received the news that Peaks View Animal Hospital in Lynchburg, Virginia had made a donation in honor of Ziggy, the Best Cat Ever. Ziggy was the Queen Bee and the ruler of the roost. She made the daily rules, and we gladly followed them because she gave us so much joy, laughter, and love. She had a zest for life and was the most curious of curious cats. She had us wrapped around her little paw and gave us so much entertainment as she "chatted" with us every day, did her daily rounds of the yard while she was on "mole patrol," and let us know exactly when feeding time should be. Of course, as she aged, she slowed down just a little, but that gave us more time to hold her and pet her and tell her how beautiful she was. We lost her to cancer, and even though it's been three months, we still well up with tears because we miss her so. We are so grateful that we had her for almost 15 years and are so glad that your veterinary college is taking strides to help all beloved animals in the future. Rest in peace, baby girl.”


Zoe 11/27/2009 - 6/9/2015

“We sincerely thank Maple Shade Animal Hospital for their donation in memory of Zoe – our Beautiful Baby Girl. Zoe Abigail chose us from the first moment she saw us, and when Daddy put her in my arms for the first time, she pressed her head in my chest as if to give me the biggest hug that ever was. In that moment, I felt so much love for this little girl that I knew we were meant to be together forever.

“She was my true shadow and wasn’t happy unless we were in the same room. She shared my pillow and snuggled with me every night. She was my baby and the love of my life. She was such a beautiful girl! Zoe was definitely a girly-girl and loved to be brushed and loved for me to pretend to put make-up on her. She loved to be told how she was, ‘the most beautiful princess in all of the land.’ She also loved to be called ‘BBG,’ which stood for ‘Big, Baby Girl,’ and would do twirls to let you know how proud she was to be called that.

“Zoe Abigail will ALWAYS be one the greatest loves of my life. I can only say that I will love her forever and will miss her until the day we are reunited once again.”