Veterinary Memorial Fund

Maybe your life was touched by a ragged stray cat who purred her way into your heart and home.

Perhaps that puppy who destroyed your favorite shoes eventually grew into your most loyal, devoted companion.

Maybe your neighbor’s unique bond with her horse opened your heart to the transformative power of caring for and being cared for by a companion animal.

For all these reasons and countless others, our lives are forever changed by the bonds we form with our animal friends.

To honor these special bonds, the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association and the Maryland Veterinary Medical Association actively sustain the Veterinary Memorial Fund at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. The fund helps pet owners and families leave a legacy of support for scientific investigations to improve the quality of health care for future generations of animals.

We rely on veterinarians, owners, and other supporters to sustain this effort by making gifts to memorialize the animals who have touched their lives.