Student Chapter of the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative


The vision and mission of the Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative at VA-MD Vet Med is to:

  • Achieve leadership excellence in every sector of veterinary medicine that fully reflects the diversity of the profession and society.
  • Support women in seeking and achieving leadership, policy, and decision-making positions within all areas of professional veterinary activity at the student level, in the hopes of continuing this in their veterinary careers.

Women's leadership development can be applied to numerous career fields. Club membership is available to veterinary students and graduate level candidates at VA-MD Vet Med.


The VA-MD Vet Med Women's Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative Student Chapter was formed in April 2014 by founding members Maria Romano ('16), Betsy Schroeder ('16), Sara Waltz ('16), Allison Smith ('17), and Laura Turner ('17).

VA-MD Vet Med WVLDI Student Chapter founders

Pictured (l-r):

Co-President: Betsy Schroeder
Co-President-elect: Allison Smith
Vice President for Public Relations: Maria Romano
Co-President: Sara Waltz
Co-President-elect: Laura Turner