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Wet/Dry Labs

The intent of SCVECCS club sponsored labs is to allow club members the opportunity to gain experience in veterinary emergency and critical care techniques that are either not offered in the curriculum or are important for emergency practice. It is our hope that each member will not only enjoy the hands on experience, but also learn a great deal. We continue to express our sincere appreciation to the corporations, faculty, and staff that make SCVECCS wet labs possible.

Bandaging Techniques Lab

Students will learn how to choose and perform bandaging techniques suitable for different types of canine injuries.Bandaging techniques to be performed include the following: Modified Robert Jones Bandage, Carpal Flexion Sling, Ehmer Sling, Pelvic Limb Sling (Robinson sling), and Full Circumference Cast.

Click here for a detailed text description of bandaging techniques.

Click here for images of the various bandaging techniques.

Suturing Techniques Lab

Students will learn skills on proper instrument handling, how to properly cut suture using suture scissors, simple continuous and simple interrupted suture patterns, square knots, and a burying
knot (and possibly more if time permits). Dr. Lanz and various VTH residents and
interns provide instruction and help with hands-on suture techniques.

Suture Lab Powerpoint Presentation