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The Listserv

What is the Listserv?

The listserv serves as a communication tool for SCVECCS club members. A listserv is an e-mail device. When an e-mail message is sent to the listserv address, all those who have subscribed to the listserv receive the message.

DISCLAIMER: Please recognize that anytime the message is addressed TO: that everyone on the list will receive the message. Therefore, messages of a private nature should be address to an individual, NOT the listserv address.

Signing Up on the Listserv

When you join SCVECCS, you will be automatically added to the listserv.

If you do not receive listserv messages in about two weeks after joining the club, please contact Aveetal Gershon at and alert her to the problem (Be sure to include your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in the body of your message if you use the email link from this page).

To Send a Message Using the Listserv

To Remove Your Name from the Listserv