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Wildlife Ward at the VMRVCM

Who We Are

wcvThe Wildlife Ward is a student-run organization that works with clinicians and local rehabilitators to stabilize and treat area wildlife. The Ward is staffed by student volunteers, many of whom are looking to get more experience with wildlife.

What we do

The Wildlife Ward exists as a place where local residents can bring injured wildlife. Our task is to ensure that the animals are treated according to their needs. This may mean releasing them when healthy, stabilizing injured animals for transport to local rehabilitators, or easing their suffering when necessary.

How you can help

The Ward relies on volunteers to staff it year-round. Volunteers are always welcome, even if you have no experience with wildlife! If interested, please contact the Senior Wildlife Ward Coordinator, Laura Cincotti, or one of the Junior Wildlife Ward Coordinators, Diana Lewis and Becca Gounaris.

Already a volunteer?

Click here for a “walkthrough” if you need help, or contact one of the ward coordinators with any questions.