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November 2013

November 14

Speaker: Dr. Julia Murphy (VA state Public Health Vet)- on Careers in Public Health (What It Is and How to Get There)

November 20

Speaker: Oxbow - Medicine in small pets


October 2013

October 9

Speaker: Dr. Stephen Smith - "Fish are pets too: A quick and dirty guide to treating fish as a part of your normal practice"

October 30

Speaker: Dr. V - International Opportunitis for Vet Med Students



April 2013

April 5

Speaker: Dr. Mark Finkler - an update on ferret adrenal gland disease and insulinoma

April 26

Speaker: Dr. Joe Garvin from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services on the topic of the Office of Laboratory Services: who they are, what they do, and a few interesting cases they have seen. (Co-sponsored with the FAPC)


March 2013

March 14

Dinner meeting: Dr. Cooper-Bailey - discussion on companion exotic medicine (Co-sponsored with CAC)


February 2013

February 2

Wetlab: Dr. Nicole Wyre, Section Chief of Exotic Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery at UPenn VTH, on exotic emergency procedures and avian critical care; Starts at 9am - Lecture in Room 125, Lab in MDL 2


January 2013

January 12-13

Symposium: 11th annual Exotics Symposium at  University of Missouri


November 2012

November 9

Speaker: Student experiences at Smith-Kilborne Program on Foreign Animal Diseases & CDC Day; Elections

November 15

Speaker: Dr. Schmidt , U.S. Army Veterinarian


October 2012

October 5

Trip: National Aquarium in Baltimore

October 12

Speaker: Dr. Katryn Havas on the topic of international veterinary medicine (Co-Sponsored with VOICE & MVMA Student Chapter)


September 2012

September 20

Speaker: Dr. Sim from The Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro, Virginia, on the topic of wildlife triage