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Aquatics The goal of the Aquatic Medicine aspect of the PVPC is to introduce students to the many facets of this rapidly growing field. This branch of veterinary medicine involves not only aquatic/marine animal specialists, but veterinarians from such diverse areas as clinical medicine (companion and food animal), zoo and wildlife, laboratory animal medicine, and government and industry (pharmaceuticals, nutrition, etc). As public and research interests continue to grow and develop, so too will the opportunities and demand for veterinarians in aquatic medicine. Whether students are interested in treating marine mammals in an aquarium, monitoring the health of wild sea turtles, studying coral reefs, or working for a commercial fish hatchery (or anything in between), the club aims to increase students’ knowledge and help them pursue careers in these areas. Guest speakers, wet labs, and trips to various aquatic animal facilities (aquariums, hatcheries, laboratories, etc) are all part of the club’s activities.