Public Veterinary Practice Club (PVPC)

About PVPC

The Public Veterinary Practice Club seeks to introduce students to aspects of veterinary medicine that are considered "non-traditional." While most of the veterinary curriculum covers domestic species and aspects of private practice, we aim to facilitate learning and gaining experience in governmental organizations, research, public health, wild and captive wild animals, and vet medicine abroad.

Our areas of distinction:

  • Wildlife/Zoo Medicine
  • Public Health
  • Corporate Medicine
  • Veterinary Policy
  • International Veterinary Medicine
  • Aquatic Medicine


View the college calendar for specific dates and event information.

Speakers, Trips & Wet-labs

  • Web-labs on bird-bandaging and reptile handling
  • Trips to zoos and wildlife centers
  • Speakers from the Virginia Wildlife Center, Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, USDA, APHIS, FSIS, and FDA
  • Speakers on companion exotic animal medicine

Wildlife Ward
Our club helps with the Wildlife Ward, a student-run organization that works with hospital clinicians and local rehabilitators to stabilize and treat area wildlife. This organization is staffed by volunteer students looking to gain more experience working with wildlife.