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Dog Walking and Horse Grooming Program

Multi-Disciplinary Lab Animals

VA-MD Vet Med frequently uses live animals in our curriculum to enhance learning and master techniques that will be important in veterinary practice. These animals are an essential component of our education.

As part of our mission, the Animal Welfare Club has taken steps to help make the daily life of these animals better.

In addition to providing toys and beds for these animals, we have established a program for exercise and human contact. After attending a training meeting, all veterinary and pre-vet student volunteers can walk the dogs and visit the cats managed by the College of Veterinary Medicine Non-Client Animal Care facilities.

Our goal is to ensure that each dog is walked at least once a week. To help achieve this, the Animal Welfare Club also employs a student to walk the MDL dogs for an hourly wage.

If you would like more information on walking an MDL dog, contact Rebecca Davis (2012).

We have also implemented a horse grooming program to both enrich the lives of the horses housed at the College’s Prices Fork Facility and enable students to become more familiar with handling larger animals.

If you are interested in the Horse Grooming Program, contact Lauren Carey (2011).