SVSRP Timeline & Schedules


Feb 1 Deadline for application receipt
Mar 6-17 Mentor and trainee meeting
May 22-26 Orientation short courses
May 26 Orientation picnic with mentors, lab members, and trainees
May 26 Hand in approved summer research project proposal
May 29 Travel to Washington, D.C.
May 30-31 Veterinary medicine and public health visits in Washington, D.C.
Jun 1 - Aug 2 Nine and a half weeks of summer research with mentor one-on-one contact
Jun 7 - Jul 26 Eight weeks: Wednesday breakfast seminar
Aug 3-6 Eight weeks: Veterinary Scholars Program 2017 Symposium

2017 Detailed Program Schedules

The 2017 detailed program schedules are currently under development.