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SVSRP Mission & Funding


SVSRP studentThe objective of the Summer Veterinary Student Research Program (SVSRP) is to expose veterinary students to research and the diverse opportunities for a biomedical research career. Veterinarians with a biomedical research background are in demand and this career path provides many opportunities in academic, federal, biotech and pharmaceutical institutions. To achieve our objective we have identified four key success factors:

  • Close interaction of high-quality students who show an interest in research with enthusiastic competent scientists as mentors
  • Educational activities that support a fundamental learning experience in biomedical research
  • Exposure to veterinarians who have chosen to pursue a biomedical research career
  • Strong follow-up program ensuring research options for program alumni


  • SVSRP trainees receive a stipend by direct deposit to the bank account provided by the scholar.
  • Travel, lodging and meals for the Washington, D.C. visit and symposium are reimbursed.
  • Students visiting from another college of veterinary medicine receive additional money to cover housing and travel expenses.