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Physiology and Clinical Research Laboratory

The primary goal of this facility is to make available to faculty and graduate student investigators the physical space, assets, and the technical assistance necessary to conduct their research. Available to the Investigator are one fully equipped operating room, one small animal diagnostic operating room, one small animal procedures room and one general purpose room. Staff is available to assist investigators with short term research projects (approx 8 weeks or less in duration). Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis. So the earlier you can schedule your project the more likely we are to be available to assist you.

Anesthesia Machine Small Animal Narkovet Narkovet 2, Halothane, Isoflurane, Sevoflurane vaporizers
Anesthesia Machine Small Animal North American Drager Model Narkomed, isoflurane, halothane, sevoflurane vaporizers
Anesthesia Machine Large Animal SurgiVet Waukesha, WI Anesco LDS 3000 Vaporizor Isoflurane, VaporizorSevoflurane, LA Ventilator 15 L
Anesthetic Gas Monitor Puritan Bennett/Datex Monitor 222
Anesthesia Machine Siemens with Servo Anesthesia circle Isoflurane vaporizer
Bair Hugger Augustine Medical 1-800-733-7775 Temperature Management System
Blood Analyzer Mallinckrodt Sensor Systems Gem Premier, Model 5300, Blood Gass Electrolyde Analyzer, From Carillion
Blood Gas Analyzer Bayer 800-255-3232 Rapid Lab 860
Cardiac Output Computer Baxter, Edwards Critical Care Division, 1-800-8BAXTER COM-2 Model
Centrifuge Clay Adams, Division of Becton Dickinson Model 05756 or 6, Autocrit Ultra 3
Centrifuge Fisher Centrific Centrifuge
Centrifuge Marithon Refrigerated
Clean Bench Lab Conco
Clippers Oster Golden A%
Electrosurgical Unit Bovie Model 400-CT
Freezer Labline Melrose Park, IL explosion proof, Frigid Cab Commercial Freezer -30, cat# 3552
Freezer SO-LO Environmental Equipment, Cincinnati, OH Ultra Low Upright Freezer Model U85-25, Currently @ -70, 110V
Freezer SO-LO Environmental Equipment, Cincinnati, OH Chest Freezer set @ -70, 110 V
Heart Rate Monitor Hewlett Packard Defibulator
Heating Pad American Medical Systems Aquamatic Heating Pad
Hot Plate/Stirrer Corning Model PC351
Incubator Fisher Table Top incubator, Model 516G, cat # 13-245-516G
Incubator Fisher CO2 water jacketed
Incubator Nuaire CO2 water jacketed
Incubator Precision Mechanical Convection Incubator
Micro Adjustable Stand Ring Stand , with clamps
Micromanipulator Nikon/Narishige For cytoplasmic injection with camera and monitor
Microscope American Optical 1000x with camera tube
Microscope Olympus Phase contrast with rgb camera and monitor
Microscope Leitz Wetzlar Laborlux 12 Phase Contrast with UV light
Osmometer Advanced Instruments Lab Products Division Two Technology Way Norwood, MA 02062 617-320-9000 Micro Osmometer Model 3MO
Osmometer Precision Systems Inc Multi-Osmette computerized micro osmometer 2430
Pipette puller/shaper Sutter Model P97
Pump Endopump Model 586005 EP1 for endoscope
Pump Endopump for endoscope
Propaq Protocol Systems, Inc EKG, INV BP, SpO2, no printer
Pulseoximeter OHMEDA Louisville, CO 80027-9560 Model 4700 Oxicap Monitor, SpO2, C02, Reference # 6051-0000-085
Pump Infusion Travenol Flo-gard 6100 Volumetric Pump Infusion
Pump Infusion Barnant Co, Division of Cole Palmer Instrument Co, Barrington, Ill Model 7523-00, Masterflex
Pump Infusion Baxter Healthcare, IV Systems Division, Deerfield, Ill micro Pump Infusion Model AS 50
Pump Respirator Harvard Apparatus Dual Phase Control, Model 613
Pump Suction Gomco Division of Allied Healthcare Products Constant and Intermittent pump, Model 6030, 115 Volts 4.0 Amps, 60Hz
Refrigerator Fisher Scientific Isotemp Lab Refrigerator, Currently @ 4-8 degrees, 110V
Reftactometer Schuco reads urine Specific Gravity
Scale (Animal) Shor-line EDS 3, kgs/lbs, model 905301000FD53
Stand Ring Fisher Scientific eight each with micro adjuster
Surgical Scrub Sink, Whitehall, City of Industry, CA short scrub cycle, 10 min scrub alarm
Exam Table flat top
Table Surgery Straddle adjustable, for surgery packs, surgery equipment
Table Surgical Shor-line KCMO adjustable-tiliting
Table Surgical Harvard Apparatus LTd, Fircroft Way, Edenbridge Kent Adjustable up/down, angled in center, hydrolic, heater table
Table Surgical hydrolic flat top
Ultrasonic Cleaner Branson Model SS10R-DTH
Vacuum Kenmore Dynomite
Ventilator small animal Hallowell Model 2K1E, Vet- Anesthesia Ventilator
Water Bath Heated American Scientific Products BT-23
Wet-Dry Vac Sears Craftsman Model 113178000, 8 Gallon

For more information and project scheduling contact the TRACSS office at 231-7599.

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