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Diagnostic Imaging Research Resource Laboratory

The Diagnostic Imaging Research Resource Laboratory is located in the Horace E. and Elizabeth F. Alphin Radiology Center of the VMRCVM.

Imaging services for researchers are available by appointment, on a fee-for-services basis. On-site services include:

  • digital radiography
  • digital fluoroscopy
  • ultrasonography
  • nuclear imaging (scintigraphy)
  • computed tomography
  • magnetic resonance imaging

For more information about the imaging equipment and personnel resources, see the Veterinary Teaching Hospitalís Diagnostic Imaging website.

I.  Instrumentation
  1. Diagnostic radiography
    1. Siemens Multix Pro P DR Small Animal Radiographic Unit
    2. Kimzey Welding Equine Radiography Table
    3. Min Xray Portable Unit
    4. Siemens Mobilett XP Hybrid
  2. Digital fluoroscopy
    1. Shimadzu YSF-120 Digital R/F System
  3. Ultrasonography
    1. Philips iU22 Ultrasound System
  4. Nuclear imaging
    1. Mirage Nuclear Medicine Imaging Computer with Camera Interface: Static Imaging and Dynamic Imaging with Motion Correction
    2. NuCam II Gamma Camera
    3. Omega Panoramic Imaging Table
  5. Computed tomography (CT)
    1. Toshiba Aquilion 16-slice CT scanner with Image Analysis Workstation
  6. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    1. Philips Intera 1.5T MRI
II.  Expertise
  1. Registered radiologic technologists
  2. Board-certified veterinary radiologists
  3. Radiology residents
III.  Contacts
  1. For information on scheduling of procedures, cost estimates, or capabilities of the equipment, contact the Radiology Department at (540) 231-4628 or at

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