Allen Laboratory: Grant Announcements

Selected Active Support

  1. Evaluating NLR Modulation of Canonical and Non-Canonical NF-kB Signaling in IBD R03-DK105975 (PI: Allen; Co-I: Cecere) National Institutes of Health/NIDDK
  2. The Contribution of NLR Proteins in Modulating Gastrointestinal Inflammation Following Exposure to Wheat Gluten (Co-PI: Allen; Co-PI: Berglind) VCOM
  3. Role of the Non-Canonical NF-kB Inflammatory Cascade in Therapeutic Response and Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (PI: Allen; Clinical PI: Sorrentino) RAP-Tier 1
  4. Evaluation of Pro-Inflammatory TH2 Mediated Biomarkers and NF-kB Signaling Pathways in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) (PI: Allen; Clinical PI: Hart) RAP-Tier 2
  5. Irreversible Electroporation for Liver Cancer Immunotherapy – A Pilot Study (PI: Dervisis; Co-I: Allen, Davalos) Veterinary Memorial Fund
  6. Defining the Roles of Inflammasomes in Zika Virus Infection (Co-PIs: Allen; Lukins) 4-VA
  7. Regulation of T helper cell differentiation by integrated STAT and Ikaros zinc finger transcription factor mechanisms R56-AI27800 (PI: Oestreich; Co-I: Allen) National Institutes of Health/NIAID

Selected Completed Support

  1. NLR Regulation of Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Tumorigenesis K01-DK092355 (PI: Allen) National Institutes of Health/NIDDK
  2. Harnessing CRISPR Technology for Gene Therapy Applications JFC Seed Proposal (PI: Allen; Co-I: Davis) VT/ICTAS
  3. Anti-Tumor Microenvironment Modulation Using H-FIRE Pilot Grant (PI: Allen; Co-I: Davalos; Verbridge) VT/ICTAS