Veterinary Medical Informatics Laboratory

Veterinary Medical Informatics at Virginia Tech is an interdisciplinary academic, research, and service program within the Office of Research and Graduate Studies of the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.

Terminology Services

Veterinary Terminology Services Laboratory

We develop terminologies for veterinary organizations by:

  • subsetting standardized terminologies
  • aligning local terminologies with standardized terminologies

Informatics Research

  • We study conceptual and structural features of the medical information unique to animals.
  • We assist in analysis and development of medical information models, databases and systems.
  • We study and create biomedical ontologies to enhance interoperability and usability of electronic information.


  • We provide post-graduate training opportunities for veterinarians.
  • We develop educational programs for veterinary organizations.

Contact Us

General Inquiries

For inquiries about the VMRCVM Informatics Laboratory services:

Veterinary Medical Informatics Laboratory (VMIL)
1880 Pratt Dr, Suite 1129 (0493) Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Phone: 540-231-4427

Graduate Program, SNOMED, and VADS Inquiries

For inquiries about the Informatics Graduate Program, SNOMED, and VADS, please contact Dr. Jeff Wilcke.