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If you are a researcher at VMRCVM and software has not been installed on your computer, please contact Technical Support at or 1-2791. Let them know when you are available and what type of computer you have. Technical Support must figure out whether some computers need virtual PC and the new Acrobat Adobe software installed. If you foresee any potential problems you may have with the electronic grant submission process, please contact Tech Support and Terra Dews. We would like to resolve as many problems as possible before the NIH submission deadlines.

See the timeline of NIH electronic proposal submissions.

Note: Once a funding opportunity mechanism requires an electronic submission, that opportunity's mechanism will ONLY accept electronic submission in the future.

Strong emphasis is placed on submitting completed proposals as early as possible (one to two weeks in advance) to avoid missed deadlines due to submission errors. Once you have the software installed, practice downloading a grants application from the website.

Steps to downloading applications from

  1. find a funding opportunity
  2. send to Grants Specialist (Terra Dews) the funding opportunity announcement of interest and grant budget information for budget preparation
  3. write down the funding opportunity # or CFDA # (or print screen on the specific opportunity webpage)
  4. click on 'How to apply' from the funding opportunity 'synopsis screen'
  5. in the left hand top corner of the webpage, click on 'download grant application' link
  6. enter the funding opportunity # or CFDA#
  7. enter your email address for future change notifications to this particular funding opportunity and click the submit button
  8. click on the download application instructions and application package
  9. save the instructions to your desktop (rename application for easy identification)
  10. save the application to your desktop (rename application for easy identification)
  11. the application can be prepared offline
  12. if you experience downloading problems, contact (Terra Dews or, 1-2791)
  13. complete the application forms and check for errors within the application periodically
  14. save application periodically
  15. email application to Grants Specialist to input the final reviewed budget
  16. when all parts of the application are complete, send to OSP representative (Shannell Farmer for final review and submission

Software for Users: