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The CMMID Complex has approximately 14 acres and has 40,000 square feet of laboratory space. CMMID is made up of six major buildings and other smaller research supporting facilities. Each establishment has been designated for different areas of research

A fundamental principle of CMMID is our “open-lab” policy. All labs are open to faculty, graduate students and staff. Major equipments are distributed in different laboratories to foster close interactions among colleagues of various disciplines, thereby enabling a fuller understanding of basic and applied biomedical problems. This approach provides a fully rounded graduate education that will prepare the students for translational medicine research.

Teaching and Research Animal Care Support Service (TRACSS)

horsesThe TRACSS facility at CMMID encompasses approximately 20 buildings and 30 acres of pasture land which house animals used in teaching, research and continuing education programs at Virginia Tech. These facilities have the capability of housing all conventional laboratory animals including rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, and farm animals as well as many avian species. The staff at the facility is responsible for providing the daily husbandry and veterinary care for these animals, in accordance with federal laws, regulations and guidelines. They also provide technical services such as blood collection, immunization, restraint, dosing, and minor surgical procedures to researchers, graduate students, teaching and service labs within the university. College members needing more information should visit the TRACSS website by logging in to the college intranet.

Infectious Diseases Unit (IDU)

Salmonella The IDU was finished in fall of 1994 as a part of CMMID. This facility allows research to be conducted on microorganisms requiring Biosafety Level 3 containment in a safe manner.


Aquatic Medicine

Aquatic MedicineThe aquatic medicine labs serve as a resource animal facility for faculty and graduate students with research interest in the diseases, diagnosis, pathology, immunology, parasitology and bacteriology of aquatic organisms. These species-oriented laboratories are equipped to maintain a variety of fresh and saltwater species of veterinary importance. They also serve as a basic laboratory for investigation of these animals. For more information, please visit the VMRCVM Aquatic Medicine Program website.

Avian Medicine

Avian Medicine In the avian medicine labs and bird housing facilities, diseases of poultry, pet birds and wild birds are investigated, diagnosed and taught. Two research labs provide approximately 850 square feet; the post-mortem facility provides 300 square feet; and the bird housing facilities provide 5700 square feet of space. Bird housing consists of pens, ambient and control pressure rooms containing 40 Horsefahl-Bauer units and one germ-free unit. Users include professors, post-doctorate fellows, graduate students and staff members who are involved in avian medical research, teaching and service.



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